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Grilled Venison Steaks

Making a healthy and delicious dinner doesn’t have to be time-consuming and difficult! While it may be easier to order a pizza, cooking dinner is a great way to be more aware of what you are eating and can be a fun bonding time for your family. I make so many meals that are simple and delicious! This is one of my dinner recipes that my kids and I absolutely…Read More

Rosemary Sweet Potatoes

Tonight I’m grilling some venison steaks for dinner (you could do top sirloin if you don’t have access to venison). I really like making my side of sweet potatoes this way. I rinse them, chop them into bite size pieces (this was three sweet potatoes), then put them on a cookie sheet with foil on the bottom for easier cleanup. This is an easy and delicious side dish that I…Read More

Spicy Spinach Turkey Burger

Last night, I grilled turkey burgers on the George Foreman grill. I did a variation of Jamie Eason’s turkey burger recipe. We didn’t have zucchini at the house and I didn’t want to run to the store so I just added a bunch of spinach that I already had in my fridge to the ground turkey, spices, then I added 2 egg whites and some red pepper flakes to give…Read More

Chocolate Egg White Puffs

Here is what my egg white puffs look like.  Sometimes I will eat my egg whites this way at night, right before I go to bed.  This isn’t my favorite egg white recipe, but it works in a pinch.  If you wanted, you could add peanut butter or any other extracts for different flavors. This is a recipe I got from Tambrika Simpson in the Jamie Eason LiveFit Facebook group…Read More

Spinach Egg White Frittata FAIL

I hope I don’t offend anyone by this post, but I thought it was funny enough to share. One of my favorite things about having this page is getting to share all my recipes with you guys. For me, the only way I can stick with a meal plan is if I really enjoy the food I am eating. So, I like to try a lot of new things in…Read More