After I had my son, I could feel it deep inside me that I was meant for more. Not to say I didn’t love being a mom, I absolutely do, but I could feel that my career path wasn’t going to be on a “normal” trajectory. I didn’t know what that was going to mean, but I knew a 9-5 wasn’t for me. I knew being away from my kids for most of the day wasn’t for me, either. I was a history major in college, I had worked a lot of jobs, but I was searching for something that felt right. Something that left me feeling fulfilled. 

I realized that my dream was to help other people. 

It wasn’t to write books, or to make a lot of money, or to blog, or to create a business course, or a fitness program. It was simply to help people. I did eventually write books and programs and such, but those things were just the vehicles to reach my real dream: helping others. I think narrowing down your dream can really help when it comes to finding your own path.


Narrowing Down Your Vision

So, what is your dream? There’s no right answer! It’s just helpful when you’re trying to reach fulfillment in your life. Is it the thing? Is it the book, the business, the course, the website, or the art? Or is it the outcome? Is it helping others, being able to create your own schedule with your family, making money, feeling creative, or building a life for your kids? 

Answering this question is super important in terms of taking the next steps for yourself in terms of business and career choices, or even just fulfillment in general. It’s often not as simple as you’d think to really sit down and think about what your dream is, and why it is the way it is. It can help you in terms of creating your own business, or for staying focused with whatever job you have. It can also help you in terms of dreams that aren’t career-based. 

Can’t it Be Both?

Your dream can absolutely be both! For me personally, the outcome was so much more important than the thing. The thing was just a vehicle to get there. Once I realized I wanted to help others, I started thinking about the things I loved that I could leverage to help others. Like my love of fitness, mindset, and cooking all became ideas for products to create to help people. Some were books, others were courses, some were speeches that I gave on stage.  

Some people want to start a business. That thing is their passion, and they just had to decide which of their interests could become a business. For some it’s organizing, for others it’s parenting, or marketing. The outcome would eventually be to help people with a problem, but that isn’t necessarily the dream or the thing driving their motivation. 

But there are so many people that dream of both, and that’s just as important to know as realizing one weighs a bit more in terms of importance than the other. If your dream is to create your own schedule so you can have more time with family, and to do that by writing a book, then you have a ton of answers in terms of your vision! Now you just have to work towards implementing. 

Tell me, is your dream the thing, or the outcome? 

I want to hear your vision!

xo Natalie

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