My Pelvic Floor Journey

I remember the day I was filming, I was mid-workout when I felt a dripping sensation down my legs, and as I felt my shorts I quickly realized they were drenched. I had PEED MY PANTS, on camera in front of a bunch of people.

I realize you might be laughing right now. Trust me, my first reaction was to laugh and I still laugh about it now whenever I think about it (funny, not funny, ill touch on this). I mean how many times have we talked about this and just laughed because it’s happened to all of us. We all have an embarrassing, funny, sad etc. story to tell, especially now that we’re moms.

When I peed my pants on camera, even though my first reaction was to laugh, inside I was dying. I felt sick with emotions. Embarrassed, ashamed and just sad. I knew everyone felt for me, and at the moment made me feel so comfortable (even though we were all laughing), but I just knew something needed to change. This could not keep happening, but how do I stop it?

I posted the embarrassing video on Facebook, in hopes to get some answers, and that’s when Monique reached out to me and changed my life forever. She said, “Natalie my degree is in pelvic floor health and although what you’re experiencing is common, it’s not normal or healthy”. I remember thinking, “how is this not normal, almost every mom I’ve talked to experiences this and why haven’t I heard you can improve it”. I guess you could say I was a little skeptical, right? 

Monique put me through a series of exercises and they actually worked. I couldn’t believe it and to be honest, I felt bad for doubting my friend. For the first time since having kids I could actually run without leaking, I could jump on the trampoline with my kids, and I could film for my company without being terrified I was going to pee my pants on camera again. When was the last time you were able to do those things? When was the last time you could jump on a trampoline with your kids or laugh too hard without accidentally leaking? 

I needed this program and I knew you needed this program, too. 

I want to challenge you to tell me your stories. Maybe you’ve gone through my program before and had great success, or maybe you’re like I was and in disbelief that something like this can actually work. 

I want to know your story, your successes, and your struggles. 

Much love, Natalie 

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