I always gain a lot of weight when I am pregnant, even with this last pregnancy where I still worked out and watched what I ate. I was around 218lbs when I delivered my little girl (and, no, I wasn’t pregnant with twins! Ha). I always get really chubby cheeks and a HUGE belly! Although at the time I was embarrassed of my round cheeks in this video, I am so glad my husband filmed this so I have these memories (plus it is just a cool pregnant belly shot!).

I have created a 12-week training program following the exact same training program that helped me get from 218lbs at 41 weeks pregnant to my current weight of 150lbs (I am 5’8″). It is a realistic program that includes healthy eating, weight training, a little cardio, and treats along the way. You get to eat plenty of carbs, healthy fats, and protein as well as learning how to enjoy treats without feeling guilty. More than just a nutrition and training plan I go into detail on things like: negative self talk, goal setting, cravings, slip ups along the way, etc etc. It is a program where I teach you my own personal philosophy on creating healthy habits and incorporating fitness and a healthy lifestyle into your busy life.

My 12-week program “A Stronger You” can be found at this link:http://nataliehodson.com/ebook-store/ I hope you will consider purchasing it and thank you in advance for trusting me to help you get started!

Your friend,