If you have followed me for awhile you know how much I love MRM products. I like using supplements that are natural, whole and beneficial to my body. I prefer to get as much of my protein and other nutrients from whole foods as possible. While this is what I aim for I also find it helpful to supplement my protein intake with protein shakes.

What I love so much about MRM’s whey protein is that it’s all natural (no artificial sweeteners or flavors) and still tastes great! MRMs recently released a new whey protein that contains PROBIOTICS, which I love because I’m getting more bang for my product.

Probiotics supplement our bodies’ naturally occurring bacteria that aids in our digestive and immune health. For many of us, diet is not enough to properly supplement this bacterial growth. This is where probiotics come in. Not only do they support our digestive and immune health, but also our urinary health. As women, we can be particularly susceptible to urinary tract infections and the presence of healthy bacteria in our bodies can prevent these infections.

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MRMs whey protein now with probiotics has a blend of 16 diverse probiotics and 18 grams of protein per serving. I love making quick healthy shakes as snacks on the go or even adding this to pancakes for my kiddos.

Here is a super easy and healthy pancake recipe for you that is great to add protein powder too!

Banana Pancake Recipe (single serving)

-1 banana, mashed

-4 egg whites

-1/4 c oat flour

-1 scoop protein powder

-Splash of almond milk

-Dash of cinnamon

Directions: Mix ingredients together and cook like regular pancakes. This makes 4 small pancakes and you can eat all 4 as one serving. These taste sweet because of the banana so we usually don’t use syrup, but you can also top with unsweetened applesuace or 1 tbsp coconut oil, or even 1tbsp peanut butter.

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