One of the questions I get asked all the time is, “what supplements do you use”.  For the past two years I have used MRM supplements.  I like this company because they use really high quality ingredients (for example their whey protein comes from domestically sourced cows where no hormones were used in the cows and the cows are predominantly grass fed, their salmon oil comes from salmon who weren’t fed any genetically modified feed and are processed within 24 hours of being caught, etc.), most of their products don’t have artificial sweeteners, and I have personally seen great results from using their products while getting back in shape after each of my babies were born.  I would never recommend something to you guys that I haven’t already used myself and that I didn’t entirely believe in.

MRM has started offering something on their website that I think is so awesome.  They are giving away free sample packs of their top products!  They have two different sample kits that you can request on their website, click HERE to request them.  I’m going to tell you what are included in each kit and then my thoughts on each of the products in the kits.  I will put the links to each product so if you want to read more just click on the product name and it will redirect you to the MRM website with a more detailed description of each product.

Sports Performance Kit:

All Natural Whey Protein Chocolate (2 servings)
All Natural Whey Protein Vanilla (2 servings)
Hydration Factor
Turbo Driven PreWorkout Rocket Berry (2 servings)
BCAA+G Reload powder Watermelon (2 servings)
FreshOmega Pure Extra Virgin Norwegian Salmon Oil

Everything in this kit are all the exact products I currently use (I also take the Beyond Basics multivitamin).  I like the All Natural Whey because it blends really well in a shaker bottle and tastes awesome.  It’s the best tasting protein powder I’ve used that doesn’t have sucralose (aka Splenda) in it.  When I am nursing I try to stay away from Splenda.  The Hydration Factor packets are awesome.  You add them to a glass of water and it has kind of a berry flavor to it.  I use them about once a day and I do feel like it hydrates me better than regular water.  I’m not really using a pre-workout right now because I’m breastfeeding my 4-month old and am just really selective about what I put in my body because it all goes to the baby and I feel like she doesn’t need any extra energy boosts going to her, but my husband has used it and really likes it, plus we like the fact that it doesn’t have an overly large amount of stimulants in it.  I use the BCAA+G (Branch Chain Amino Acids + Glutamine) on days that I lift weights and it helps your muscles to recover from the micro-tears that occur in your muscles when you lift weights.  I just add three scoops to my water bottle and I like that there are no artificial sweeteners in it (most powdered BCAA’s do have artificial sweeteners).  The Salmon Oil I take daily as well.  This is a healthy fat that helps regulate your body’s hormones and it’s good for your hair, skin, nails, etc.  This is a good one that doesn’t give me ‘fish burps’.

Healthy Living Kit:

BrainActive (2 servings)
DigestAll (Digestive Enzyme) (2 servings)
RelaxAll (2 servings)
Hydration Factor (2 servings)
FreshOmega Pure Extra Virgin Norwegian Salmon Oil

See my notes above about the salmon oil and hydration factor (I use both daily).  I haven’t personally used the RelaxAll or the BrainActive so I can’t give a personal review of those but I have used the DigestAll and love it.  It is a really high quality digestive enzyme that helps me reduce bloat.  Have you ever seen my Veggie Bloat video on YouTube?!  If not, click HERE to watch it and you can see the major problems I get with bloating haha.  Taking a digestive enzyme has really helped me with this problem!

Anyways, just wanted to spread the word about an awesome way to try these products for free!  You just have to cover the cost to ship the products to your house, but if you get a sample of each the shipping is less per kit.  Have you tried any of MRM’s products before?  If so leave a comment and let me know what you thought!  If you have any questions about the sample kits or the products in them leave them as a comment and I will answer as many as I can.

Your Friend,