I usually eat better during the day when I’ve worked out in the morning (just a psychological thing for me I guess).

I’ll eat a small breakfast that has protein and some carbs, workout and after my workout, some of my B2B protein powder, which keeps me full until lunch!

When the craziness of getting the kids fed, bathed, teeth brushed, bedtime stories read, put to sleep, dishes done, kitchen cleaned and house tidied up (easier said than done with two littles) up is over I can relax instead of needing to head to the gym.

It gives me 30-45 minutes of alone time in the morning to focus on what I need to get done.

It gives me a little pump and good energy boost to get going for the day.

As much as I don’t like waking up early (I’m not a morning person by nature), the only times in my life I’ve been consistent long-term was when I got a morning workout routine going. In the evenings, I find it’s too easy for me to talk myself out of going.

These are just a few things that I have found to be positive results of having a morning workout routine. You may be someone that an evening routine works best for, and that’s fine! If you have considered trying morning workouts, but haven’t taken the leap yet, I hope this encourages you to give it a try!

Your friend,