This is how the dialog in my head went this morning while I was talking to myself:

4:50am (alarm went off):
Me: How could it be 5am already?!
-I had to get up 4 times last night with a sick baby I should just go back to bed.
-You are supposed to do a leg workout today, you should really just get out of bed.
-But I am so tired, just 5 more minutes.
-You know 5 more minutes isn’t really going to make a difference, just get out of bed. It’s not that hard once you just get up.
-Ok, I will lay here a few minutes and check Instagram then I will get up.
-Maybe I should just go back to sleep.
-No, you know if you don’t get up now you won’t be able to workout today.
….then finally at about 5:15.
-Ok, if you get up you can make a cup of coffee, and after you drink that, if you still feel tired you can head back to bed.

Internal Dialogue

It’s now 5:45 and I am JUST now walking out the door, but I am proud of myself for getting my workout in. For me, most days, just rolling out of bed is the hardest part (because I am definitely not a morning person by nature). Once I am up I feel pretty good and it is great knowing my workout is done and out of the way. I hope you guys have a great Monday!!

Your friend,