Monday Morning Dialog with Myself

Internal Dialogue



This is how the dialog in my head went this morning while I was talking to myself:

4:50am (alarm went off):
Me: How could it be 5am already?!
-I had to get up 4 times last night with a sick baby I should just go back to bed.
-You are supposed to do a leg workout today, you should really just get out of bed.
-But I am so tired, just 5 more minutes.
-You know 5 more minutes isn't really going to make a difference, just get out of bed. It's not that hard once you just get up.
-Ok, I will lay here a few minutes and check Instagram then I will get up.
-Maybe I should just go back to sleep.
-No, you know if you don't get up now you won't be able to workout today.
....then finally at about 5:15.
-Ok, if you get up you can make a cup of coffee, and after you drink that, if you still feel tired you can head back to bed.

Internal Dialogue

It's now 5:45 and I am JUST now walking out the door, but I am proud of myself for getting my workout in. For me, most days, just rolling out of bed is the hardest part (because I am definitely not a morning person by nature). Once I am up I feel pretty good and it is great knowing my workout is done and out of the way. I hope you guys have a great Monday!!

Your friend,



  1. Hi Natalie, I’m Candice Livingston’s sister. I was talking to Candice and she said you charge 10 a month for healthy ideas. I work out 5 days a week and need help with my food! How do u become a member?

    LOL – Love this, helped me turn my morning inner dialogue into a light funny thing rather than this heavy thing that is me not accomplishing something.

  3. I have that dialogue with myself every morning! Today I gave in to sleep but knowing you have the same struggle and make yourself get up is going to help me force myself to get up tomorrow!

  4. Every. Single. Day. “I don’t want to go work out!” “Is not about wanting to go, is about feeling great when you are done. So go. Do it. Be done.” after the work out ” Glad you did it!” Every. Single. Day!

  5. I do my workouts at 5 a.m. too. Do you eat before you workout? I always hear yes you should, and no you shouldn’t. So confusing.


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