My boardroom tends to be my house, one of my employee’s houses, or a restaurant somewhere, but that’s not really the point. The lesson still applies, and that’s to make sure you’re hiring people that make you and your business better. It’s not an ego contest, it’s about bringing on top talent to help you if you’re trying to run any kind of small business. Hiring people who know more than you do is a big aspect in success. 

My company started small, with basically just one other person helping me, but in time it’s grown as the business has grown. I now employ a handful of people, mostly moms, and mostly women, around the Boise area who are completely brilliant! I tell them all the time that they make a huge impact on what my business has become. Even if you’re hiring a contractor, or just someone to help part time, make sure you make that decision wisely!

Hiring Employees

My mentor is Russell Brunson, and he’s the creator of ClickFunnels, which is a program I use for my website. Does Russell know how to create a funnel? Probably not anymore! He has a team of people around him who turned his ideas into a reality. Do I know how to do all of the backend stuff for my business? Nope! Now, I don’t think I’m dumb, but I don’t have the combined knowledge that my team has — not by a long shot! That’s why, if you have a small business with employees, it’s important to hire people who have abilities beyond what you have. 

It’s also important to have these types of people around you for idea generation. The people on my team are amazing, and I learn so much from brainstorming with them, having idea meetings, and just being around them. The people on my team aren’t just there to get paid, they are passionate about what they do, and they are damn good at it!  

Hiring Contractors

Sometimes it’s not feasible to hire actual employees for work you need done. You might need a marketer, a graphic designer, or an editor for a couple of projects. In those situations, it might make more sense to hire a contractor for that one job if you can’t sustain work for them long-term, or if you can’t afford an employee. I’ve done that a few times, especially early on. However, the same rule sort of applies. You probably won’t really get the chance to get to know this person, but you don’t want to go with the cheapest option either. It’s tempting, and I’ve definitely done it before, but it bit me in the butt. 

I looked online, which is a great tool for hiring contractors, and trust me that it’s better to pay more for good work than to pay less and spend time fixing what they did, or having to pay someone else to do it again. Look for experience, good reviews, and a slightly higher price if you need to hire someone. 

I’m passionate about many things, and one of them is business and entrepreneurship. I’ve learned so much in the years I’ve spent running my business, and I love sharing that knowledge with others! This is one lesson of many that I talk about in my Peak Business Academy, where I teach many of the business secrets that took me years to learn!

When I’m in my boardroom (i.e. my living room, a restaurant, etc.), I look around and feel comforted that those working for me have knowledge that I don’t possess that can help my business succeed, which means I can help more women. That message it what really matters, and the brilliant people on my team believe in that message just as much as I do. 

If you are running a business, make sure you’re the dumbest one in your boardroom as well!

xo Natalie

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