blog_post__720It takes courage to start over again. To say, “I’ve been defeated already, but I’m going to try again.” Any time you set big goals or push yourself out of your comfort zone, it feels scary.

But this is what I have learned is true. You have to learn to step into your fears. I remember when I was first trying to grow my brand I would email up to 100 people a week asking if we could collaborate together. Majority of the time I got a no or just a no response. For every 1 response I know I would get 100 no’s. I would send emails saying, “Can we work together?” Crickets. “Can I guest post for you?” Nothing. “Are you looking to sponsor new people?” Zero response. Pretty soon I started to see it like a game. I didn’t take it personal and moved on. My skin became thick as rhino hide. And then! Eventually someone would say yes. If you have something you want to do, and you believe in it, you have to learn to develop the courage to pursue it. Because you are going to get mean feedback, you are going to get rejected, you are going to have failures. You have to pick yourself up from the dirt every time you get pushed down and even if you are hurting and go slow for a little bit, you keep going. You don’t stop. That is courage, and it is built slowly and over time by standing up to the negative self talk and believing that the light within you is greater than the darkness around you.

I believe in you. Nobody can do it for you. Time to put in the work.
Your friend,