I finally did it, I cut off all my hair! I said I was going to do it earlier in the summer but I chickened out. Finally, I did it! This might sound silly to some people. I mean, it’s just hair, right? To an extent, yeah, it’s just hair. On the other hand, it represents a whole lot more. It’s also about insecurity, bravery, taking a risk, and keeping promises to myself. It’s about doing the hard things, and being willing to accept the outcome. In this instance, it was just my hair. But it also felt like it meant a whole lot more in terms of my self-esteem, my willingness to do something that makes me uncomfortable, and my ability to stick to my promises. 

Feeling Exposed and Self-Conscious

My hair has been something I’ve been self-conscious about for a while. I have long extensions in because my natural hair is pretty thin and broken. My long hair was a way to hide that insecurity, and I think that’s totally great to make yourself feel better with extensions or something like that if you’re self-conscious. However, when I felt like it was time for a hair change, I found myself feeling uncomfortable. I know how to do my hair, what makes it look pretty, and I felt safe that my long hair covered an insecurity of mine. If I cut it, will my old insecurities come back? Will I feel exposed? Will I even know how to do it? Will I regret doing it? 

Once I cut it, I felt this big weight lifted. It’s like my old hair held in all of this old stuff, and it represented my willingness to change. I felt fresh, light, and a new sense of confidence in myself. It’s just hair, but those small decisions and willingness to change can represent so much more. 

Keeping My Promises to Myself  

Learning how to set goals, follow through, and do the hard things is something I’m pretty good at now. It took me years of learning, classes, and trial and error to figure out what was holding me back, and how to keep promises to myself. It’s a process I teach in my Find Your Compass Challenge, and it’s been a dream teaching the concept to other women. However, this situation with my hair taught me that I still have my own blocks at times. Doing hard stuff makes us stronger. It’s easy to keep doing the same thing and follow the safe path, but our brains learn resilience when we do the hard things. Sometimes, it just takes 20 seconds of bravery. The first time I went to cut my hair, I couldn’t muster it. And that’s okay. Sometimes you’re not ready. 

Sometimes with risk, you get a negative outcome. I could have cut my hair and hated it, but I had to trust that taking the risk and knowing the outcome was better than the regret of never trying it. It’s hair, it would grow back, I could always put extensions back in. The risk was worth it. For some reason I felt a block in this decision initially, but I’m so glad I tried again. That’s a good lesson whether you’re wanting to cut your hair, try a new business venture, or wanting to lose weight. It’s often better to just do it, to keep the promise to yourself, and to follow through. Even if the outcome is negative. Failure is all a part of the process.

This might sound like a silly lesson, but sometimes it’s these small decisions that show what your blocks might be. Sticking to a plan, making changes, and keeping promises can sometimes come down to a small insecurity or a fear of change. Sometimes it’s not about the hair, it’s what it represents.

xo Natalie