I know that’s a weird concept, but hear me out!

I’m a mess. I got on an organizational kick a few months ago, and that led me to my archnemesis: shelves. These shelves kicked my butt! I spent hours during multiple days on these shelves. My kids helped. My sister helped. My Instagram followers helped. The only thing that didn’t help were the instructions! It was so frustrating! I built them wrong like three times and had to break them down and try again. I had the bars on the outside instead of the inside. Then they were upside down. We watched YouTube videos, we called my dad… I just can’t stress enough how many times these shelves beat me!

Finally, we built them correctly. Thank goodness!

The next set of shelves took 15 minutes. 15 MINUTES! Why? Because I’d made all the mistakes you could make. I knew exactly how not to build them. Now I’m an expert on these shelves. It may sound sort of dumb and dorky, but these shelves got me thinking about business. I know that’s odd, but hear me out! Not only is it valuable to be innovative when you run into roadblocks, it’s also so valuable to have someone in your corner who has done this before. These shelves have become a metaphor for my business journey!

The Value of Ingenuity

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my business. I even had another business and it failed. I lost a lot of money. I’ve done a lot wrong in my current business. I’ve made products that failed. I’ve collaborated with the wrong people. I’ve wasted a lot of money. But all of these mistakes were a product of doing things on my own. I consider myself a resourceful person. I really like this part of my personality, actually! I can’t tell you how many things I’ve taught myself how to do simply because I wanted to be the kind of person who could do something (like gardening, canning, building things, cooking things, etc.), so I made it happen!

I stretched all of my ingenuity muscles while building these shelves! I’m really proud of that. Could I have used my skills and resourcefulness to complete these shelves on my own? Yes! I may have needed a lot of time, but I could have done it. I used what was available to me in terms of asking my sister, watching videos, etc. That’s how I built my business as well. 

Coaching is Valuable

The next shelf I built, after battling the first one, took 15 minutes. I know if I had someone here who already knew how to build these shelves, and how not to build them, the first one would have taken 15 minutes as well! I wouldn’t have been as frustrated, I would have saved a lot of time and heartache, and I would have had the skills to build the second one on my own! That is such a great metaphor for the value of coaching! I would have given anything to have had someone who has built a business before standing over my shoulder helping me. In the same way that it would have been immensely helpful having someone there with these shelves.

I built my business on my own, making a ton of mistakes along the way, and then I met my business coach, Russell Brunson. I don’t know how good Russell is at building shelves, but he can build a business! He’s done it with his own, and he’s helped countless others. Now, I’m doing the same thing trying to help others with their own business journeys through my Peak Business Academy!

Building a business is like building a shelf in that it’s really hard to do if you’ve never done it before. Maybe your instructions aren’t good. Maybe it’s hard to visualize without a real example in front of you. You might make a lot of mistakes. You may get frustrated and give up. You may succeed, but you may spend a lot of precious time getting there on your own. 

But what if you had someone there who has built that shelf before to help you? What if you had someone who has built a business before there to help you?

Okay, this might be a bad analogy. My friends and family call my analogies “Natalogies” because they are almost always weird or they don’t make sense! But I stand by this one! Haha

Have you ever had an experience where a coach really made a difference for you?

Let me know!

xo Natalie