It’s officially the first day of fall! 

Each season brings something new to the table. I had an amazing time this summer, and I plan on having an amazing fall as well! I’ll start making some of my crockpot recipes, wearing comfy jackets, and drinking cozy drinks while I watch the world change colors. The thing about watching my garden change, the leaves fall, and the world around me transform, is that it makes me want to transform, too. I want to drop some leaves that I don’t need and and transform parts of myself as well. I’m an outdoorsy girl, and I love the feeling that I’m just an extended part of the outdoors. That’s why I think I start to feel the need to change when I see the change outside. 

This is why I think this time of year is the perfect time to start my second challenge! The first one did a lot for my personal growth and mindset, and it’s just the platform I need to start helping all of you who want to change with the seasons as well. Whether you want to get on a schedule, eat better, exercise, start a business, live happier, or just take care of yourself more, my challenge can help you get there! It’s designed to mold to any goal you have and to help you keep your promises to yourself, which is why I’ll be taking part to implement some change to go with the seasons. 

How Do You Want to Change?

I think we are all constantly going with the ebbs and flows in each season of life, which is why there’s always room to grow and change. Our lives aren’t stagnant, they are always moving and changing — so we have to move and change to keep up. I always have something I’d like to improve on, and the things I want to change aren’t always the same. Some are louder than others and certain points in my life. Sometimes I need to stay on track with my business, other times it’s my meal planning and cooking that needs attention, on occasion it’s my fitness and healthy eating. Whatever it is I want to change, I just have to work to do what I say I’m going to do, and to keep the promises I make to myself. 

The first step is to decide how you want to change, and to realize that change is beautiful and involves growth. What are the areas you’d like to improve on? What changes would make you the happiest? Brainstorming those thoughts can really help to set you on the right path this fall. 

Sometimes You Just Need Direction

I believe that everyone has it in them to create their own change, but sometimes you just need some direction. Sometimes you just need a push. Even I need some direction sometimes! My 21-Day Challenge will provide you with a prompt each day that will help you with that direction. Some days the prompt will be about mindset and other days you’ll have a more concrete goal. At the end of it all, you’ll know more about your goals, your roadblocks, and your direction. Once you start keeping your promises to yourself and hitting your goals, you’ll start to feel the mindset shift. I know what it’s like to want to change with the seasons, but to fall into a cycle of giving up, starting again on Monday, or claiming I don’t have the time. I want to help you if you find yourself dealing with the same roadblocks!

On October 1st, I’m so excited to start my next 21-Day Challenge! Our first one this summer was more than I could have ever wanted. The community we created was so inspirational, the changes we made were profound, and I felt like I got just as much out of it as everyone else did. I can’t wait for round two! I hope to see you there with us!

If you need me, I’ll be changing with the seasons. Click HERE to sign up for my Find Your Compass Challenge and join in changing with me!

xo Natalie