I Know What It’s Like…

I gained 60-70lbs with both of my pregnancies and delivered two healthy, 10lb babies. I was so happy in so many ways. I had a beautiful, healthy new baby. I was finally able to be a mom like I had dreamed of for so many years. I had a wonderful husband who was supportive of me. I had so many things to be grateful for. But, I remember at times looking in the mirror and feeling confused….feeling like a stranger was looking back at me. Not only had my body completely changed but I felt completely overwhelmed about where to start. Inside I still felt like I was a strong college athlete, but looking in the mirror I hardly recognized the person I saw. I knew it was time to make a change.


I wrote my training programs because I know what it feels like to feel so overwhelmed with where to start you paralyze yourself trying to pick an option. I know what it’s like to be frustrated that you never have time to cook and so you opt for quick and less-healthy options. I know what it feels like to yearn for your own goals outside of your normal role of: mom, wife, cook, diaper changer, taxi cab driver, etc. I wrote these books because I know what it’s like to want a change….and I want to help you get there.

I don’t promise a quick-fix. I do promise realistic steps and tools that will help you make life-long healthier changes. I offer simple but tasty recipes that are easy to prepare and your whole family will enjoy. I offer realistic training programs, with weekly homework assignments that help you work on things like: negative self-talk, goal setting, sugar cravings, motivation, and much more. I offer clear and realistic steps to follow that will help you feel healthier. My hope is that you will feel really proud of yourself which can help lead to confidence that has very little to do with the way you physically look.

There are only 7 hours left of the 72-hour sale I am offering on every eBook in the store including the cookbook I cowrote with Ellen Whitney​ (sale ends 4/5/15 at midnight). I hope you will take advantage of it, you can find more details about each of the program here: https://nataliehodson.com/ebook-store/




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