I have a confession to make….

I hardly worked out at all during my first trimester of this pregnancy. There, I’ve said it, it’s off my chest. Now that that’s cleared up, let’s talk about how great the second trimester has been!!

I’ll take a step back.  I found out I was pregnant when we were in Idaho for our annual salmon fishing trip.

Natalie Hodson Idaho Salmon Fishing

Idaho Salmon Fishing

After I got back from my trip, I still felt great!  I didn’t have any nausea or fatigue.  At this time, I was in week 7 of James Wilson’s 12-Week online trainer (click HERE for details on his program) and loving it!  His program was really challenging, but fun at the same time.  I liked how every single workout every day was different and that James was around to answer questions.  Here are some progress photos I had taken right around this time – I had built some pretty good muscle during his program:

Progress Pictures When I First Found Out I Was Pregnant

Progress Pictures When I First Found Out I Was Pregnant

I continued to workout doing James’ program and just modifying it slightly (mostly just taking longer breaks in between sets so my heart rate wouldn’t get too high).  Then, however, Week 7 came and that’s when I started getting really sick.  This happened with my first pregnancy too.  I get very severe fatigue in the first trimester of my pregnancies.  It’s funny, because after my first son was born, I remember thinking back and wondering if I had just been lazy.  After experiencing it again with this pregnancy, I know it’s not just being lazy, it is a genuine fatigue.  I had some days where I would come home at 6pm, my husband would take over and help with my 2-year old, and I would sleep until 6am the next morning.  On top of that, I had pretty bad food aversions this time.  The smell of meat cooking made me really sick, and eggs made me nauseous.  It’s strange the things that your body reacts to, because these had been a part of my daily life for so long!  I wasn’t really craving junk food, but was having a difficult time eating as clean as I usually do because cooking was tough for me.

Also in the first trimester, I drove cross country with my 2-year old and spent five weeks in Idaho/Utah helping one of my sister’s get ready for her baby to come and another of my sister’s get ready for her wedding.  I had a wonderful time but it was hard to stick to my normal clean eating habits when I was on the road often, staying with relatives, and not in my normal routine.

So, fast forward to the second trimester and I have been feeling great!  We made the announcement that we are expecting:

Cute Way to Announce You Are Pregnant

How We Told Everyone We Were Expecting Baby #2

And finally the fatigue, nausea, and food aversions have gone away!  I am finally feeling back to normal self.  I have been home for about two weeks now, have been back in the gym consistently, and am back on track with my clean eating.  I didn’t really gain much weight in the first trimester, only 5 lbs, but my body composition feels different.  I feel softer and feel like I have lost some of my muscle definition.  Hopefully I will gain some of that back, but I’m not stressing out about it too much.  My main focus is to just continue to have a healthy pregnancy, eat clean and healthy foods, and maintain a consistent level of activity.

Here are some of the things I have changed in my diet since becoming pregnant:
-I haven’t been quite so strict about the amount of fruit I eat.  Before getting pregnant, I tried to limit my daily grams of sugar to 35g per day.  I still limit artificial sugars, but if I am craving a banana, apple, berries, or peaches (for example) I don’t limit myself as strictly.  Fruit contains many beneficial vitamins and antioxidants that are great for me and baby.

-I have slightly increased the amount of healthy fats I get per day.  Before, I would have 1-2 servings of healthy fat per day, along with MRM brand SmartBlend CLA/Omega-3 capsules.  Now, I take the capsules still, and just listen to my body.  If I am craving avocado, or natural nut butters I will have them with my meal.

-Now that the 1st trimester food aversions are over I am still eating my normal breakfast of egg whites and oats.  I’m still sticking to my usual 6-meals a day with protein at each meal and complex carbs in 3-4 of the meals, and feeling great.  I’ve been having one protein shake a day (post workout).  My doctor said this was ok as long as whey protein wasn’t my only source of protein during the day.

Here are some of the things I have changed in my workouts since becoming pregnant:
-Well, like I mentioned, I didn’t really workout in the first trimester.  In hindsight, I don’t really regret it either.  I mean, of course I would have loved to continue exercising, but I listened to my body and my body was telling me that I needed extra rest.  We were still hiking and going for walks, I just wasn’t getting in the gym.

-Now that I’m past the severe fatigue phase (aka first trimester) I’m not really following a particular program anymore.  James Wilson’s program is an awesome program, but it involves a lot of jumping exercises and is a pretty intense program that keeps your heart rate really high the entire time you are working out.  I’m trying to keep my heart rate in the 140-155 range while I workout, so instead of continuing to follow his program I am just sort of writing my own.  I am combining what I’ve learned from Jamie Eason’s LiveFit trainer (click HERE for that program) and James Wilson’s program and putting together my own workouts.  I’m still focusing on weight training for the bulk of my workouts (different body parts each day) and adding 15 minutes of cardio in a few times a week (usually stairmill or incline treadmill).  I’ll do another post soon talking more specifically about my workouts.

-We are also going for family walks each night.  It’s a nice way for my husband to de-stress after he gets home from work, for me to take a break from everything I have going on, and for us to talk about our day together.  We push my little guy in the stroller and usually walk for 30-60 minutes.

11 Weeks Pregnant

11 Weeks Pregnant

Here is a picture when I was 11 weeks pregnant.  I can’t believe how BIG my stomach got so early this time around!!  I wasn’t this big with Baby #1 until I was around 5 months pregnant.  I had an ultrasound today and the doctor couldn’t believe how big my stomach was!  She said it is likely because my first baby was so big (he was 10 lbs!) that my body is just popping out early and I will probably stay at this size for a while.

Now that I am back home and settled into my normal routine, I will try to be more regular with my blog posts.  Leave a comment and let me know what kind of activity you did when you were pregnant, or what you wish you would have changed in your pregnancy!  I’d love to get a discussion going about this.

Your Friend,