In a perfect world, I can get my work done, cook healthy meals for my family, and get my house cleaned up every day. However, I hardly ever live in a perfect world. I have work obligations pop up, I forget to put the chicken out to thaw, or my schedule is crazy and I can’t clean my house. Social events happen, my kids have activities, and we are often going and moving all day long. This is when I’ve learned to implement the “good, better, best” mentality to help me get through life while still sticking to my goals. 

I’m totally guilty of falling victim to perfection. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve quit something because I can’t do it perfectly. Good, better, best is a way to help you stay on track and get past the need for perfection. It’s also great in giving yourself some grace. Next time you can’t finish work, cook a healthy meal, and clean your house all in one day, think about “good, better, best.”

Good, Better, Best Examples

It will always be true that action is better than inaction, no matter how small. Remember this when you’re ready to throw in the towel and give up for the day. For example, if you can’t get your work done, cook a healthy meal, and clean your house, decide what you can do. 


  • Best: The perfect day! You are able to complete your work, cook a healthy meal, and clean your house!
  • Better: Things got busy, so you can’t do the best. Instead, you can finish your pressing work, cook an easy meal, and do the dishes. Not perfect, but you did what you could!
  • Good: Things are a mess. Maybe you were only able to get some work done, but your meal plan and cleaning schedule won’t fit in today. That’s okay, you got some work done. Some action is better than inaction. 


The same is true for your diet, exercise plan, reading schedule, etc. If you mess up, don’t throw in the towel. That’s like popping your other three tires when you get a flat in one of them. 

Don’t Give Up

The big takeaway from this mentality is not to give up. It allows you to have an off day and still count it as forward momentum. If you are often paralyzed by perfection like I am sometimes, it’s helpful to remember this lesson when things go off the rails. I used to think that if I couldn’t give something 100%, I wasn’t doing it. “I guess I’ll start over and try again on Monday.” That thought process has ruined a lot of goals in the past. Forward momentum is still momentum. Best is ideal, but better is (obviously) better than you’ve done in the past, and good is still making change. The only option that isn’t acceptable is giving up! You’ll be proud of yourself for doing something right, even if it’s small. 

Use this mentality to keep your mindset in a positive place when setting goals!

How have you used the “Good, Better, Best” mentality?

xo Natalie