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Two of the most common questions I get are: 1) How do I eat healthy on a budget and 2) How do I stay on track with my nutrition when I am home all day with my kids or when it is late at night?  In this blog post, I am going to go over both those questions.

In this first video, I am giving you a glimpse into what a Sunday shopping trip would look like for our family and I show you our cupboards and fridge and share with you staples we always have on hand (PS – this was an unplanned video so you get to see some of the less-than-healthy things we keep also).

In this second video, I talk about temptations and dealing with them, and what I think is the number one most important thing for losing weight and keeping it off longterm.  Every single year, thousands of people lose weight and then put it right back on.  Here I share with you what has worked for me, and what habits I have created so that I am able to keep my weight manageable year-round.

A few takeaways from video #1:
-When grocery shopping, think of things in terms of lean proteins, healthy fats, carb sources, and produce (fruits/vegetables).  Take an assessment of what you have in your cupboards, and what you need for the week.

-Think about what foods you can prepare ahead of time for the week (chicken drumsticks, veggie ziploc bags, roasted potatoes, etc) and what you want to make for dinners during the week before you get to the grocery store.

-Purchase lean proteins and fruits/veggies that are on sale that week.

-Use different spices and seasonings like Worcestershire sauce, red wine vinegar, soy sauce, fresh herbs, etc to create flavor in your meals instead of heavy condiments like cream of mushroom, mayonnaise, cheeses, etc.

-Keep basics in your pantry to make it easy to whip up a super fast dinner: diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, green chiles, beans, unsweetened applesauce, chicken/beef broth, etc.

Members can download a printable grocery list here that makes it really easy to stay on track while at the grocery store!

A few takeaways from video #2:
-The best habit I have gotten into that helps me stay on track with my nutrition is to keep the temptations out of my house.  Keep things like: oreos, candy, brownie mix, etc out of your cupboards.

-Treats in moderation are not a bad thing at all, but plan for them instead of keeping them in your cupboards to prevent impulse binge sessions.  Eliminating those temptations from your house help you stay on track instead of testing your willpower every time you open the cupboard or fridge.

-I wouldn’t put temptations in my life in other areas of my life either (a few examples of this in other areas of my life).

-The easiest way to stay on track is to eliminate the temptation and plan for the times when you want to have treats.

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