How to improve Ab Separation

How to improve Ab Separation


After I had my babies (they were each TEN pounds!), my ab muscles never come back together properly. I didn't know it at the time, but this is something that is actually really common for women post-pregnancy. I was doing all kinds of exercises that I thought were making it better (like crunches)....but those exercises actually making things WORSE! I made this video to show you what kinds of exercises to avoid if you have ab separation after pregnancy and what you can DO instead to help improve it. <3
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  1. Good day, I too had diastasisrecti. However in my case it was so severe that i did have a tummy tuck to fix the 7cm gap. I now face trouble with excersise, becuase as soon as i do anything i end up having to go to physio for back ache. So my qeustion is it still safe to do your 30 program?

    Thank you

  2. I paid the $37 for the pelvic floor program. How do i access it?


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