5 Ways to Grow Your Audience

How do you go from creating a product and starting a business to getting eyes on your product? Answer: GROW your audience!

But, how do you do that?

Here are 5 different ways you can grow your audience to see more success in your business. Each one has a different process. Some take more time than others. Some will work better for your niche or avatar. Whichever one you choose, make sure you understand how you’ll go from capturing their attention, to converting them into a customer. 


Influencer leveraging is one of my big secrets in creating an audience of raving fans without spending money on ads or having a big audience of your own on social media. An influencer is a person with a lot of followers on social media. Usually you can find them on Instagram or TikTok. These people may or may not have their own business, but they’ve typically grown their audience in a very authentic way. So their followers tend to love and trust them. 

Finding an influencer in your niche with an audience like yours can make it so you can leverage their large following and the trust they have with them. Offering their followers a deal, and a cut of money to the influencer, creates a great system that helps out everyone! And, even if they don’t buy, you may get more eyes on your product or business that you wouldn’t have had before.


Pinterest is a great place to start growing your audience by offering them useful information. You can mix in infographics, templates, lead magnets, and blog posts to gain followers on Pinterest that may transfer over to your email list or social media pages. Focus on really eye-catching visuals with bold headings, interesting graphics, and helpful information. The key here is to have a plan for shifting them from someone interested in your information to someone who purchases from you. You can do this by linking to products within the content they click to from your pin. Or by offering a lead magnet of some kind that requires them to input their email address. This way you can sell to them from your email list in the future. 

Webinars and Challenges

Webinars and challenges are becoming an extremely popular way to bring people into your world through offering helpful information to people in your niche — for free. Why give out content like this for free? Well, free stuff is a great way to get people into your world without a price barrier so they can see what it is you have to offer and if it’s right for them. You can establish trust and make them believe that your product can help them. 

Your webinar can be an hour long class teaching the basics of keto, a 3 day clean eating challenge, etc. Something quick, but something that gives them a win. At the end of the challenge or webinar, you can pitch your product and they can buy it if they are interested. If not, you have them on your email list to keep in touch in case they are interested in your products later on. 

Facebook Groups

There are SO MANY Facebook groups out there in every type of niche you can imagine. You can find a bunch of Facebook groups with people that fit your avatar and grow your audience that way. One great tip is to create a lead magnet and offer that to people. That way they will be on your email list and have a higher chance of converting into a customer. A lead magnet is a free product delivered via email and can be a great start to your value ladder. Some examples include: 5 free gluten-free recipes, an organizing checklist, 5 10-minute at-home exercises, etc. Just be aware that many Facebook groups don’t allow promotion. So you may need to wait for a promo post or ask an admin what’s allowed. 

For example, say you’re in a Facebook Group for at-home moms and your business creates products helping parents with feeding their kids healthy foods. You might see someone post a question that says, “Tell me your favorite healthy recipe that your kids actually like.” And you can link a lead magnet that offers 3 tips for picky eating, or 5 easy healthy recipes for picky kids, or how to sneak veggies into any meal, etc. At the end of your lead magnet you can add a link that says, “For more content like this, buy my product HERE.” But even if all they do is get good content from you and stay on your email list, that’s a great way to grow your audience who may buy later.


This one is last for a reason! I don’t recommend ads right when you’re starting out. The idea is to limit your spending until you can become profitable. However, if you have the money to spend in your business for growth, ads are a great way to go. You can run ads to your paid products or to your free webinars or challenges that you know will convert at a certain percent. You can do ads on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Pinterest — wherever you tend to see the most growth from. This is a great way to target customers. But, again, work up to this tactic once you’re ready. 

There are more ways to grow your audience than the five listed. These are some we’ve used in my business, and some we’ve seen students have success with in Peak Business Academy. The best advice when it comes to growing your audience is to try new things, and find what’s sustainable for you. 

Good luck growing your audience!


P.S. If you want to learn more about growing your audience, I have a FREE web class where we go over some of these things in more detail. Find more information HERE! I also have an online business course called Peak Business Academy. Learn more about that HERE!

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