I love this testimonial from blogger, The Fit Fork. Being a marathon runner and in amazing shape, her testimonial about diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction shows that these postpartum conditions doesn’t just effect one body type. Our bodies do beautiful things before, during, and after pregnancy, but not all postpartum conditions are “normal.” If you are experiencing back pain, incontinence, mommy pooch, or balance and posture concerns you could be suffering from postpartum pelvic floor dysfunction. There is help! Listen to what The Fit Fork had to say:

“After growing, giving birth and nursing three babies, I came to appreciate my body in a whole new way extending far beyond what it had done for me physically in my running career.”

“What wasn’t a blessing were the progressively worsening issues I experienced as a result of these big babies, average weight over 9lb pounds! Embarrassing problems like incontinence and bladder prolapse related to pelvic floor weakness and dysfunction and, to a lesser degree, Diastasis Recti, a muscles separation in the abdomen that can contribute to mommy pooch.”

“I love that the Abs, Core & Pelvic Floor 30-day program can be done completely at home without equipment, there is no added stress of getting to a gym and leaving your new baby behind.”


To read The Fit Fork’s entire blog and her amazing journey with pelvic floor dysfunction and how she helped improve her condition, click HERE!

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