I remember when I first got started in the fitness industry… I used to always wonder how do these people balance it all? How do they balance working out, and eating healthy, and raising kids, and being a good wife, and a good mom, and all the things? As if there was some secret that I was missing out on that other people knew about that I didn’t. It wasn’t until a couple of years later that I started to realize there’s no such thing as balance. There really isn’t. And once I started to wrap my mind around that idea that balance is a myth. The stress of feeling like I needed to be perfect, dropped way down.


There are different seasons for different times in your life that you will be a little more balanced than others and that okay! You couldn’t balance a soccer ball spinning on your finger forever or you couldn’t stand on one foot forever, right? No!


You’re never going to be able to balance everything perfectly, all the exact same time. And so for me, the way I look at is like there are different seasons, right? I’ve had times in my life where I was putting tons of emphasis and priority on being more hardcore in the gym. I wanted to challenge myself to get as lean as I could. I just wanted to see if I could do it, and I did, but that is not something I could balance forever.


I’ve had other phases when I was going through my divorce, I remember kind of putting fitness on the back burner because I just had to survive at that point. I had to focus on taking care of myself. And you know, there’s been times where my business has been growing really rapidly and some of the other things I had to decide to put as less of a priority. The way I look at it, there are different seasons are sometimes where you might be super involved in taking your kids from sporting event to sporting event and there’d be other times where the kid stuff seems pretty calm and you have a little bit more time to focus on whatever you decide you want to be a priority.


One of the biggest things that has really helped balance things in my life, was learning to say no and set boundaries because if you say yes to every single thing, every single thing is going to feel loud and important and you’re going to crash and burn. I actually have this piece of paper that I hang in my house. I shared it on social media the other day and it said, โ€œI’m learning to say no and set boundaries. It’s not my job to fix others. It’s okay if others get angry. It’s okay to say no. It’s not my job to take responsibility for others. It is my job to make me happy. Nobody has to agree with me. I have a right to my own feelings. I am enough.โ€


I love writing and printing out meaningful sayings or quotes and hanging them around my house all the time because words motivate me and the more you realize that it’s okay to say yes to yourself and prioritize yourself, the more you realize that nobody has their shit together, that balance is a myth. The happier it is, the easier it is to be happier with where you’re at.


So much love,