For me it’s Russell Brunson, Tom Bilyeu, and Brené Brown. These are my mentors, and they were my mentors long before I met any of them.

I haven’t met Brené yet (here’s hoping!) I met Tom at a speaking event (he was so amazing!), and I’m now close with Russell (who has been such an important piece of my journey). By modeling each of them, I was given a roadmap to success that has proven to be extremely helpful in both my personal and professional life.

If you have a goal in mind, having a mentor in the space can be a really helpful tool in reaching that goal. It’s all about finding the right mentor for you, and learning how to model them in a way that provides you with a helpful roadmap in reaching your destination.

Finding Your Mentor

My mentors tend to be in the mindset and entrepreneurial realms. Those are two big passions of mine, and each one directly affects my business. However, I’ve also had mentors in the fitness world, mom world, etc. Finding your mentor starts with deciding which space your goal lives in, and then doing a ton of research! Google is an obvious tool in researching, but so is using Instagram hashtags. You definitely don’t need to choose someone you will meet in person (don’t we wish!), you just have to choose someone who resonates with you.

In order to find the right mentor for you, make sure you’re searching for someone who makes sense for your life. For example, say you have a fitness goal in mind. If you’re a single mom who runs their own business from home (like I am), you won’t gain a lot from choosing someone without kids to be your mentor. The reason for this is that modeling them won’t make sense for your life and may leave you feeling worse. Chances are they can do longer workouts, and they won’t have to worry about cooking meals their kids will eat. So be sure you’re choosing someone who makes sense for your goal.

Modeling Their Journey

Once you’ve found your mentor, you can use their journey as your own roadmap in reaching success yourself! For example, when I saw the emails Tom Bilyeu was sending to do speaking engagements, I realized I could model what he was doing in order to help my own success in public speaking! It’s important to understand the difference between modeling and copying, but you can see what your mentors are doing and reverse engineer that process for your own goal. If you want to lose 20 pounds, you can find your own fitness mentor and model what they do each day to live healthy. If you want to learn how to be happier and more relaxed, find a mentor that teaches mindset or mindfulness and start modeling them!

Their journey is your roadmap, you just have to be listening and actually taking action. It’s not enough to listen to their podcast, or to like their posts on Instagram, or to read their book. You need to actually write the emails, do the workout, make the gratitude list, etc. The ideas are great, but the action is what counts! That action is what will set you apart from the rest of the people who want to build the business, live happier, get healthier, etc.

There’s so much value in finding a mentor you can model. Without even realizing it, you’ll be following the route they took to find their own success, which will help you to find yours!

I’m so thankful for Russell, Tom, and Brené. And most of them don’t even know it!

Who will be your mentor on your road to success?

xo Natalie

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