How I Store and Freeze My Bulk Meats

How Do You Freeze Bulk Meat

We have a lot of leftover food in our fridge right now -- sometimes I don't do a very good job of planning out how much meat I will need for the week and end up with too much. I made this salsa chicken earlier in the week, but with all the leftover turkey I didn't think it would get eaten fast enough. I was worried about it going bad if it stayed in the fridge for too long and I really hate wasting food. So, I measured out 6oz at a time (I like THIS food scale) and put the 6oz of chicken in sandwich-sized ziploc baggies. I put all of those 6oz baggies in one large gallon-size freezer ziploc bag, dated the bag with a sharpie, and stuck them in the freezer. I will take these out and use them throughout this week (either defrost in microwave, or if I am on the go, just put them in my cooler bag while they are frozen). Just a helpful tip if you end up having too many leftovers 🙂

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  1. Do you happen to cook any other meats in bulk? Ground turkey, chicken breast, etc.? If so, how do you go about packaging to prevent freezer burn? And also, when defrosted, does it taste as good? I would imagine it would taste more dried out, either that or watery…


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