Here is the recording of our Google Hangout! Thank you so much to everyone who tuned in tonight, our next live chat will be Thursday, November 9th at 10am CST.

0:00-2:03  How to join Google Hangout Audience/ watch or ask questions

2:20 Thank You/ Be a Google Hangout presenter
3:53 Schedules/Listening later to past Google Hangouts and Forum Questions for Hangout sessions
4:41-18:50 Time Management
18:51 Natalie do you do weight training? If so how many times a week?
25:49 How my husband and I met.
28:55 Do you do any stretching, flexibility training or yoga?
31:04 Do you follow a particular workout plan or come up with your own? Are you working with a trainer?
35:51 What does MRM stand for?
37:26 I want to loose 20 LBS by Thanksgiving. What advice would you give to achieve this goal? (forum or email question)
44:04 I’m trying to figure out what % of fat,protein and carbs works best for me. What do you do? Do you think it varies from person to person?
46:50I am 3 months postpartum and really struggling to lose any of the weighed I have gained and am starting to get a bit depressed because of it

I am 5’9 and before becoming pregnant was around 150 and now am 165 (with less muscle and more fat)

My doctor warned me that if I diet I may lose some of my milk supply (I’m exclusively breastfeefing) did you find this happened with you when you started to diet after having your babies? I was eating over 3000 calories and only gained a couple of pounds in the 3 months but I am tired of not getting anywhere. I cut down to a little under 3000 and added 4 days a week of workouts and the scale hasn’t budged.

Any suggestions?

55:50 Wrap up Google Hangout/end

56:32 How do you get past the “diet” mentality? I will be on track for awhile but then I’ll backslide and have such a hard time getting back on track. Any ideas to overcome?