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I just wanted to quickly share with you guys some of the things I like to do before I have an event that I am going to.  I do these same types of things if we have a work holiday party, family pictures, etc that we are doing.  This is post number 18 in my 30 days of blogging challenge, you can click here to read more about this crazy challenge I gave myself.
Blogging Challenge
My skin is really, really pale 95% of the year.  My skin just doesn’t ever tan.  I usually will burn and then just go right back to being white.  Plus, my uncle passed away of melanoma skin cancer when he was in his 30’s and so, for me, having tanned skin year round just isn’t worth it.  Instead, when I know I have a big event coming up I will do spray tans.  I swear, there is just something about having a spray tan that instantly makes you feel 5 lbs lighter!  Here’s a picture I snapped yesterday when I was getting out of the booth:
TanI always do the mystic tans and I get the darkest level they have with the bronzer (if they have it).  At first I was scared that the darkest tan would look unnatural on someone as pale as me, and the first day it does look kind of weird, but I have found that the second and third days it looks really good and when you go darker like that the color lasts longer.  Here are some tips I have for using the spray booth:

-Be very generous with the barrier cream.  Apply it in every nook and cranny on your hands, fingernails, inside your fingers and toes, and a little bit on the top part of your wrists and ankles.  I have had times where I was in a rush and didn’t do a good job, and later everyone can tell you did a spray tan because you have dark lines in your hands and on your feet.  Not cute.  Also, when you are done wipe off all the barrier cream on your hands and feet really thoroughly.

-I usually just take a tiny bit of the barrier cream and do a quick “pat pat” on my knees.  I don’t put a lot there, but because of all the wrinkles in your knees I have just found that it makes it look more natural if you just put a teeny tiny bit of lotion on them.

-I try not to shower or get wet for 24 hours afterwards.  Technically you only have to wait for six hours, and I know some people say the tan will look weird if you go longer than that, but for my skin I have found that when I go 24 hours without showering or getting my skin wet after I do a spray tan it looks the best and lasts the longest.

-You will be orange the next day!  I try to do my tan two days before my bigger event.  When you come home you will feel strange because of the bronzer, but I promise if you can just let it stay on for 24 hours, the orange bronzer part will rinse off in the shower and it will look really good.

-The other self tanner I really like to use is the L’oreal Sublime in the Deep color.  I have tried the medium tan and the deep tan just looks so much better.  Again, you need to make sure you wash your hands really, really well when you are done. I usually wash my hands 2 or 3 times to make sure I get everything off and really scrub out your nail beds, that is the area that tends to turn orange if you don’t wash it off.  I will usually put this on at night before bed and then rinse it off in the morning.  I will use this if I don’t have time for a spray tan, or day 3+ after the spray tan to keep the color going longer.
TannerI always get mine at Walmart, CVS, or Target and one bottle ranges from $7-$10 and you can get 3-5 uses out of each bottle.

Next, sometimes I will use Crest WhiteStrips. I only use these 1-2x a year because I am always nervous about it wearing away the enamel on my teeth, but they do help.  I usually use the 2-hour express strips that you keep on for two hours.  I actually have them on my teeth in that picture above.  Maybe someday I will get professional teeth whitening, but until then these do the trick for me.  I usually get mine at Costco where they are a little less expensive.
I also use MAC makeup at events.  It is a little bit pricier but lasts me sooo much longer, plus I think it makes a big difference in the look I am aiming for.  My all-time favorite MAC product is their Zoom mascara.  It makes it look like you have fake lashes on!  I am lucky because my lashes are naturally long, they are just super blonde, so the Zoom mascara really helps to make them stand out.

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

Lastly, I always pair the black mascara with MAC’s Black Liquid Eyeliner.  The soft tip of the brush makes it really easy to put on this liquid eyeliner.  I have tried SO many eyeliners and this is the only one I like that doesn’t make it look like I have a black eye.  Love it!

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

I hope that is helpful!  What are some other tips or things that you do when you have a big event that you are going to?  I’d love to hear other tips that you have as well!

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  • Natalie! I love self tanning too and before having a baby I did it all the time. How do you do this and breastfeed? I know that sounds like a dumb question but I am so sick of looking pale but I’m worried the tanner will rub off on my 4 month old while breastfeeding and snuggling him and make him look orange like a little Oompa Loompa! Lol. I know that is a funny question but its the only reason I haven’t done it since having my baby! Does it come off on your baby at all? If not, I will be tanning today! I’m so tired of looking pale post pregnancy! 🙂

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