Bleacher Workout with Your Kids!



My kids had other plans for my "great idea" to all run the bleachers together today but we improvised. Baby girl wanted held the whole time so I think my upper body got a better workout than my lower body but oh well. Something is always better than nothing!

If you want to try this yourself do this: run up the bleachers as fast as you can doing single steps then double step (skipping every other step) and jogging on the way down. Alternate single/double steps each time you get to the bottom and do 10 flights each (20 flights total). It's simple, but a killer cardio workout!

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A few tips to keep your kids excited:
-Race them where you have to go up/down twice and they just need to do it once
-Tell them to imagine they are in the funhouse at the fair and they have to weave in/out of the breaks in the handrailing
-Tell them to pick a mariocart character and pretend we are racing like in Mario cart. Each up/down is a lap, each high-five when you pass each other is a power up and each drink of water is an energy boost.
-High fives when you pass each other help a lot
-Bring them during high school track practice and let them get a glimpse of what it would be like to be a track athlete as they get older
-You could have them jump up each step with you but, and I probably shouldn't even admit this ha, but if you are like me, after having two 10-lb babies any kind of jumping or hopping creates potty issues
-Play tag where one person is 'it' or tell them ghosts/villains are at the bottom of the steps chasing them for more at-home workout ideas



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