How to Find Your Customer’s Pain Points

Think about the last time you were in pain. Now think about the lengths you’d go to make the pain go away. That’s the basic premise involved in finding your dream customer’s pain points and creating a product to solve them. Providing pain relief is the biggest way to help your dream customer and increase sales.

How do you figure out exactly what your customer’s pain points are? I have three tips to help you dive in and discover those pain points. The next step? Figuring out how to solve them, and how to use those pain points to speak to them best.

Learn About Your Avatar

Your avatar (dream customer) is not everyone, it’s the person you want to help with your product. Getting into the psychology of this person will reveal their pain points so that you can help them better. Tap into them by creating a full bio on who this person is. In my Peak Business Academy, one of the first things I teach is narrowing down your niche. One of the best ways to do that is to create your own avatar.

The more you know about your avatar, the better you’ll be able to sell to them. You’ll think about them when considering which products to create, you’ll think about them when writing your sales and marketing copy to get them to buy that product, and you’ll think about them when you imagine the help you’re providing people with your product. Say your product is a gardening product. Your customer’s pain points will be different if they are brand new to gardening than they will be if they have been gardening for years. This is why you need to learn about your ideal avatar and who your product serves.

Think 3 Steps Ago

We tend to make a product based on a problem we once had, but learned to overcome. I created Peak Business Academy because I wanted to help people create a business without making all the same mistakes I did. I created my best selling eBook, Abs, Core, and Pelvic Floor, because I struggled with incontinence and ab separation after having babies. If this is true for you, you can find your customer’s pain points by thinking about your own pain points three steps ago. What were the things you struggled with?

If you’re having trouble remembering your pain points, jog your memory by looking at old photos or reading old journal entries. I find that I have so many memories come back to me when I do those things. Do your best to help the old you that isn’t where you are now. 

Ask Your Dream Customer

Another great way to find your customer’s pain points is simply to ask them! Seems simple, right? It’s so simple that we sometimes forget this is an option. I find a great way to do this is to send out an anonymous survey to my list using Google Forms. You could also send it out to friends or family members that fit who your dream customer is. You  can find strangers who fit your dream customer’s description in certain Facebook Groups and ask people in those groups to fill out your survey. 

The survey doesn’t have to be anonymous, but I find you’ll get the best results that way. Even if the questions you’re asking don’t seem invasive. 

Addressing your avatar’s pain points is such a great hack in converting followers to customers. You want people to know that you see their pain, and that you have a way to relieve them of that pain. Maybe their pain is that they have a black thumb and they can’t get anything to grow. Perhaps their pain is that they can’t seem to find healthy meals their kids will eat. Maybe their pain is that they feel too overwhelmed to keep a cleaning schedule. If you have a product that can solve those pain points, people want to know. And those people are more likely to buy your product. You just have to find them!

Good luck!

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