I am so excited for the release of this program!  This program has been in to works for a very long time.  I know how hard it can be to make it to the gym, or to afford a gym membership, and I wanted to create a program that could be done from home with minimal equipment, that didn’t take hours of training, but that was realistic and could be maintained as a lifestyle.  In this program, I share with you guys the exact same nutrition guidelines that I follow myself and the exact same workouts I do when I workout from home.  It is my hope that you can take what you learn here and find ways that you can incorporate this style of eating and training into your everyday life.  I do not like to think of my approach as a “diet” or something that a 12-week start date and end date, but rather a system where you can create good habits and use these training and nutrition techniques to form a lifestyle and to find a system that is maintainable and manageable for you long term.

I cannot wait for you to get started, and I hope that you will share your results with me!  There is nothing I love more than encouraging other people, and seeing other people succeed, work through struggles, and challenge themselves.  You can use the hashtag #FindingBalance, #NatalieHodsonMeals or #NatalieHodsonWorkouts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter or share your results on my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/NatalieHodsonOfficial).  Thank you for trusting me and starting my program.  I promise that if you commit to yourself and commit to this program, you will not only see progress physically but will gain self confidence in the process as well.

Your friend,

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Nutrition Overview
Nutrition and Meals
Workouts Overview
Month One, Monday Workouts
Month One, Tuesday Workouts
Month One, Wednesday Workouts
Month One, Thursday Workouts
Month One, Friday Workouts
Month Two, Monday Workouts
Month Two, Tuesday Workouts
Month Two, Wednesday Workouts
Month Two, Thursday Workouts
Month Two, Friday Workouts
Month Three, Monday Workouts
Month Three, Tuesday Workouts 
Month Three, Wednesday Workouts
Month Three, Thursday Workouts 
Month Three, Friday Workouts