How To Find Your Superpower and Start Your Online Business

Do you have that feeling inside of you like you were meant for more? Do you feel like there’s something special inside of you, but you just don’t know what that is yet? Are you looking for finding your superpower, your “thing” that sets you apart? Do you dream of creating your own business, but you have no idea what you’d sell or how you’d go about that yet?

Maybe you just feel like you want some passion in your life. Like you just want to make an impact. 

… but you don’t want to feel lost in the process of finding your superpower and starting a business. 

I hear you! 

I’ve taught thousands of people just like you how to find their superpower and start a business, and I want to help you, too!

What is a Superpower?

What is a superpower anyway? A superpower should hit these three points: It should make you happy, it should set you apart, and it should be something you’re good at – naturally or otherwise! 

For example, my superpower is connecting to people. I’m not the most successful, the most educated, or the most athletic person in any room. But the thing that I love, the thing that sets me apart, the thing that I’m good at… is connecting to others. Connecting to people helps me lift them up so they believe in themselves! 

For some, their superpower is making a connection with animals or kids. Others find, it’s staying organized. For some, it’s empathizing with people. Others may feel their superpower is teaching people things.

Here are some perks to finding your superpower to start your online business

  • Your superpower can become your product. Say your superpower is gardening. Maybe it just always came naturally to you and you love it. That’s an example of how your superpower can become your product! You can create an eBook, course, or challenge teaching others how to garden.
  • Your superpower can aid in your product creation. For me, my product isn’t “How To Connect to People,” but I use my superpower to aid in my product creation! My products are about business, but I use my ability to connect with people to make them believe that they can create the business of their dreams because they are worthy and capable! 

Maybe your superpower is resilience. You might not create a product on, “How to Be Resilient,” but that superpower can help you on your business journey as you embark on the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Not only that, but your messaging within your product will undoubtedly have your resilience built within it. 

  • Your superpower can help you sell your product. Say your superpower is that you’re funny. People always comment on your humor, and it’s something that has always come easy to you. You can use that superpower to sell your product to people through connection marketing! 

Maybe your product is a 10-Day Cleaning Challenge, but your funny personality sets you apart from other people in the cleaning space! That’s one example of how your superpower can be used to sell your product.

How I Found Mine

I haven’t always known that my superpower is connecting to people. I discovered it was my superpower by listening to those around me who told me so. I’ve always been incredibly empathetic. As a result, I feel very connected to others. I feel so much of what they feel. Because of that, people feel comfortable with me. I’ve been told by so many great people that I seem like I’m their friend or big sister, even if they’ve only ever seen me on video and have never actually spoken to me!

What a fantastic compliment!

As I found my spot in the online world in the fitness space, I realized that there was something that was making me stand out among other people. Every time I pulled back the curtain on my life, or shared something vulnerable, I was bombarded with others who felt connected to my story. 

There was the time I peed my pants on camera during a workout because I had had two 10 pound babies years before. There was the time I shared my tummy rolls when I bent over because of the loose skin after having kids. The times I shared my face with no makeup, my kids eating frozen corn dogs at 10 P.M., my family hardships, my divorce, etc. Each of those things were hard and vulnerable to share, but each time I did, I felt the connection with so many others out there. And so, I discovered my superpower. 

How to Find Yours

There are so many ways to find your superpower. Mine was found through the help of feedback from others. But that’s not the only way. 

Here’s What to Do to Find Your Superpower:

  • Ask your loved ones. Seriously, ask! Best friends, spouses, parents, etc. Straight up ask them, “What do you think my superpower is? Something that sets me apart from others.” Think about things other people have praised you for or given you compliments on. Think of things other people ask for your advice about. 
  • Think of the experiences you’ve been through. What are some hard things you’ve gone through that you want to help others with? Maybe you had a hard time breastfeeding and you know you can connect to other moms in that position. That could be your superpower. Maybe you started hiking on your own and you want to help others learn how to do that as well. Maybe that’s your superpower, being able to help people connect to the outdoors.
  • Brainstorm your talents. Write down what you’re good at. Even if it didn’t come naturally, but you’re a few steps ahead of where you were when you started out. Talents aren’t just activities or hobbies. Talents can be things like kindness, charisma, or friendship. All of those things can be superpowers. 

Three Common Misconceptions

There are many things I hear from people when I start to dig into their superpower with them. I hear people say it doesn’t matter what their superpower is. I hear people say their talents don’t matter because they aren’t an expert. People tell me they are sure they don’t have any superpowers. Each of these are untrue. 

Here are three common misconceptions about using your superpower to start an online business:

  1. Your superpower doesn’t matter. It does! Your superpower can help guide you towards the business you’ll love. The business you’ll feel passionate about. It’ll help you create a product that can truly make an impact. It can help a product sell better. It does matter. 
  1. You have to be an expert. You do not have to be an expert. I’m not an expert in anything I teach! From business, to mindset, to fitness! I’m a history major. All you have to be is a few steps ahead of someone else in order to help them. 
  1. I don’t have a superpower. This is the one I probably hear the most. Some people can’t seem to find any talents, passions, or things they love. But I promise, we all have a superpower. Some are just less obvious than others. My ability to connect to people wasn’t something I discovered until years and years into my life. 

My Top Tips

I truly believe that this piece of starting an online business, or any business, is paramount. Finding your superpower is truly worth the introspection to dig into ourselves and discover what it is that makes us special. 

It’s not only helpful for our own sense of self, it’s also helpful for our business. It’s helpful to understand what makes us stand out among a sea of similar businesses, niches, and products. It’ll help us connect to our audience, which helps sales. 

It’s about finding it, but it’s also about using it. 

My Top Tips for Finding and Using Your Superpower are:

  1. Be willing to be honest and open. You’ve gotta be able to pull down your walls and be honest about yourself. You really need to dig into your experiences, your likes, your hobbies, and what draws people to you. It’s often not as easy as it sounds!
  1. Allow your superpower to make you feel confident. Once you’ve found it, use it as a way to lift yourself up and feel confident about who you are and what you can do with it! This is your thing. The thing that will set you apart from others similar to you. Own it!
  1. Ask for help. If you don’t know how to find it or what to do with it, it’s okay to ask for help. In fact, I have a mini course called Base Camp that is designed to help you with exactly that! And guess what, it’s okay to ask for help.

Ready to Find Your Superpower?

Right now you might be feeling really excited about this, and full of ideas!

Or… you might be feeling overwhelmed and discouraged by your uncertainty. Either way, I want to help.

If you want to find your superpower and use it to start your own online business, but you’re not sure how to start or what you’d even sell… I’ve got you!

If you want to make an impact, if you’ve tried this before and failed, if you feel frustrated, my Base Camp 14-Day Introductory course will show you the way!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Discover the things you’re naturally good at
  • What digital product you could create
  • Tips for creating customers and revenue
  • The mindset behind starting something new
  • How to build something you feel passionate about

The time to act is now! I know you have a superpower inside of you that can become an amazing business that you feel passionate about. 

If you’re scared, that’s okay! The best things in life are often the scariest in the beginning. 

Click HERE to sign up for Base Camp today!

You have it in you.

All the best,


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