Life moves quickly. Each day’s responsibilities, variables, and complications tend to overwhelm us and take us away from the here and now. I totally get buried in errands, responsibilities I forgot about, and homework assignments that my kids need help with. Sometimes these distractions from the present are less pleasant and involve stresses, arguments, and anxiety. This is why it’s important to find the little things that make you happy.

Not only is it important to find these things, but it’s also important to take control over them if you can. I love hearing nice things from my kids, or getting a bouquet of flowers from a significant other, but I can’t always count on those things. Instead, I find the little things that make me happy, and do them for myself.

The Little Things That Make Me Happy

A nice, hot shower is one of my happy places. This is why it’s so hard for me to get on board with Tom Bilyeu’s advice to take a daily cold shower. I just can’t! Another little part of life that makes me happy is getting flowers. Sure, it’s nice to receive them from someone. But it’s also a nice gift from myself. Looking at a vase of beautiful, fresh flowers always picks me up, and it’s such a small thing.

I love hearing my kids laugh. The sound fills my heart with joy. I love watching my plants grow because I feel accomplished as they transform. I love jamming out to an old song in my truck. I feel happy getting messages from women who say I’ve helped their lives in some way, which is why I save those messages and look at them when I’m down. I feel happy putting on a fresh pair of black leggings. Some things are more profound than others, but each one is a small part of life that makes me happy.

The Impact

Finding the little things that make you happy can do two things for you:

  1. Help you to slow down and appreciate the good things in the moment when you’re overwhelmed or feeling down.
  2. Help you to take control of those things and implement them in your life.

If I’m rushed in the morning, annoyed with my kids, or stressed about the work I need to do that day, I try to remember these little things that make me happy. For instance, appreciating the flowers that are blooming in my neighborhood when I walk my kids to school.

Whether I’m down or not, it helps me to realize I can take control of these small pieces of life that make me happy. I can take an extra few minutes in my shower, go look at how much my trees are growing, or buy myself flowers instead of waiting for someone else to buy them for me.

What are the little things that make you happy?