Feel What You Feel

Just like everyone else, I have days where I’m not feeling great. I have days where my kids make me crazy, I hate the way I look, and I feel like a failure. Some days I shut down, I get wrapped up in the negative, and I do the bare minimum. On those days, I not only feel like a failure, I feel like an impostor. I speak so openly about positivity, motivation, and self-love. How can I preach these things when I don’t always practice them?

Well, I also speak about transparency and being vulnerable. Honestly, the negative days are a part of my reality. And probably yours, too. 

Take a minute to unpack these feelings and dig into the reasons why they are there.

Feeling Your Feelings

Something I’ve discovered is that being in a positive space and being ready for change doesn’t begin by ignoring your bad feelings, it begins by acknowledging them. You can’t control how you feel, so it’s important to let yourself feel them. Take a minute to unpack these feelings and dig into the reasons why they are there. Spend some time with them, dissect them, and ask yourself how you can work on changing them. 

If I’m not feeling motivated today, maybe it’s because I’m spreading myself too thin. If I’m feeling on edge today, maybe I need to take some time to do something relaxing. If I’m snappy, maybe I need to get to the root of my annoyance and confront it. If I’m feeling down about myself, maybe I need to look through some of the screenshots I’ve taken from people who send me messages about how much I’ve helped them (I really do that!). I can use these feelings to be better, and understand my emotions a little better.

We All Have Bad Days

Negative feelings are inevitable no matter who you are. It’s not the bad feeling that are the problem, it’s how you handle it. When you’re having a bad day full of negative self-talk, sadness, frustration, or anxiety, acknowledge these feelings instead of stifling them. Allow yourself to have a bad day, and have a better day the next day. In reality, it’s unrealistic to ask ourselves to have all good days. 

Allow yourself to have a bad day, and have a better day the next day.

If you are having a bad day, it’s okay. We all have bad days. Instead of shaming yourself, being hard on your emotions, or pretending like you’re okay, give yourself grace. Be as understanding with yourself as you would be with a dear friend. 

When you are having an especially emotional day, allow yourself to feel those feelings instead of pushing them away. Spend time with them. Write those feelings down, talk to your therapist about them, or even just talk to a friend about them. When we share our stories, they have less power over us. The same is true for negative feelings. Just let them out so they don’t fester inside.

Feelings are a part of life, good and bad.

Take care of yourself.

Sending love,


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