This is something I struggle with myself at times too.

What I found, if I can take ownership over a situation, and change my thought process from “something awful happening to me” to “something that I am choosing for myself” it makes me feel stronger and in control. It shows me that I don’t have to rely on things like food to make me feel better.

Let’s say you have a really bad day, everything is just going wrong. It is easy to look at the situation and say “look at those awful things happening to me in my life”. That never makes you feel good, you feel like a victim.

Say to yourself “I’m choosing to handle this situation this way”, or “I’m choosing to respond in this manner”

This gives me power over the situation and helps me making more level headed decisions.

Be compassionate to yourself and set healthy boundaries. If you are willing to set boundaries to your time and resources, you can say “Hey I just don’t have the time right now”, or “Thank you for thinking about me, I just need to focus on X Y Z right now”

If you do this, you show people that you have respect for yourself and your time. In turn, this creates more room for you to practice self-love and self-compassion.

As women we tend to run out of room to take care of ourselves, and by setting healthy boundaries, this can create a great window for you to self-care.

Emotional eating comes from bad days where you are feeling emotional, when everything bad is happening to us.

When we take control of these situations and emotions, we often redirect our emotions and energy into looking for food, and comfort, we can find this comfort in other areas.

I know this is a hot topic, if you have any specific questions, please leave them in the comments below.

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