I know so many of you who follow me are women and that means that pregnancy will or has happened at some point in your life. The thing that I want to show here is that your body IS going to change a lot during pregnancy and that’s ok! I had some days where I started to feel down about my changing body. When I would start to feel like that, I always would try to remind myself that this time in my life isn’t about having the perfect little body, it’s about creating a perfect little body inside me.

One thing I had found that really helped me a lot to deal with all the body changes I went through, was to stay active and focus on eating healthy, whole foods. That way if I started to feel down about my arms and butt getting bigger or my decreased muscle I would at least try to focus on the small things I could do to stay healthy – even if it seems like so much less than I used to be able to do, it helped me stay positive about all the changes.

This post ended up really long, but I basically wanted to get across that as women, our bodies get to go through something incredible and create another human life. Let’s embrace the beauty of that, enjoy the time while we have it, and love ourselves for all the changes you see in the mirror <3

Your friend,


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