Elevation Mastermind VIP Party – Fall Semester 2022

Anytime I teach about goal setting and success, I talk about the importance of celebrating yourself. If you don’t take the time to sit in the feeling of accomplishment, you’re taking away one of the biggest rewards in working hard. 

It’s not just crossing the finish line when running a marathon, it’s celebrating the milestones along the race — and that’s true for all milestones for any goal. The first mile, the first week of workouts, the first $1000 saved, every big promotion, each sale, every day closer. 

During my Elevation Mastermind program, we take time to do this after our 8 weeks of intensive training. We get together and celebrate each student/business/product impacted by our Mastermind. That is what our Elevation Mastermind VIP Party is all about!

What is Elevation Mastermind?

Elevation Mastermind is our highest level course that offers 8 weeks of intense training in a collaborative community of other entrepreneurs. It’s only for those who are in my Peak Business Academy and have a product created! This is because Elevation Mastermind is all about growing and scaling. 

Elevation Mastermind is a collaborative community where we teach how to create offers that will help your business grow. Learn how to streamline your systems so you can get your time back doing the things you love about your business, even if you’re overwhelmed with the tech side of automation.

Those in Elevation Mastermind are ready for the next step with streamlined systems and framework on how to get traffic, sales, and achieve success! Each student means so much to me, and I love spending all 8 weeks with them helping them make their dreams into a reality!

Watch the VIP Party!

Here is our VIP Party for our Fall Semester of Elevation Mastermind in 2022! I want to personally congratulate each and every one of our Elevation members for all the work they put in during our 8 weeks together! All of you should pat yourselves on the back! This party highlighted a few students who were ready and at the place in their business where they could pitch their business and the products they are selling.

Click HERE to watch!

Want to Join Us?

Our Elevation Mastermind program is our most intense program, and therefore is only open once or twice a year. To get on our waitlist and find out when we launch our next Mastermind, click HERE!

Remember, you can’t join Elevation without being in Peak and having a product created first! To find out more about joining our Peak Business Academy, click HERE!

If you are in Peak, you have a product and you’re looking to grow and scale, we do have an 8-Week Coaching opportunity starting on January 4th, 2023! To join us, click HERE!

Brand new to this whole digital product and online business thing? We have a beginner’s course just for you! Find out about Base Camp HERE!

Thank you for joining us in celebrating our Fall 2022 Elevation Mastermind members! Each Mastermind program holds a special place in my heart, and my entire team loves this time helping all of them grow and scale their businesses.

Congrats to our Mastermind Alum! Keep up the great work!

We can’t wait to see where you go from here.

Natalie + Team

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