Sometimes I’ve gotten so caught up in having the perfect diet and workout routine that I end up getting overwhelmed and doing nothing at all. Have you ever felt this way? I think we all have at least a time or two. The truth is, it’s not the perfect workout program that will make a long term difference, but rather the consistent, small habits that make the biggest difference long term.


The first step I always encourage people to take is to do just 30 minutes of intentional walking a day. I remember after having my babies feeling so discouraged because I couldn’t even run for two minutes straight. The fear of failure paralyzed me and I knew I had to break past that fear. If that sounds like you too, start with tiny micro goals. First, establish an accomplish-able distance and walk that. Then, slowly begin to add distance. Once you’re comfortable with that slowly alternate jogging and walking. 30 minutes of walking alone won’t get you ripped or shredded, but it sure is an awesome place to begin.


My point here is that small changes make a big difference in the end. Small daily changes eventually become habits and from those habits you will gain confidence and progress. 30 minutes of intentional walking, even if broken up into three 10 minute segments throughout the day can make a big difference.  Don’t let the fear of failure or the search for the new fad workout paralyze you. Get started today! I believe in you.


Your friend,