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No one is quite sure why cravings exist. Some doctors and midwives will tell you that it’s your bodies way of letting you know what is ‘missing’ or, during pregnancy, what the baby needs more of. Others will tell you that it’s hormonal, and completely variant on person and can differ pregnancy to pregnancy. Either way, we’ve made a list of ways to combat those cravings with some healthier alternatives.


Craving Substitutes

Sugar -> trail mix with dried fruit, sorbet, fruit juice popsicles, vanilla protein shake, sparkling water, iced herbal tea

Salt -> go for salted popcorn, pretzel sticks, almonds, and tortilla chips – drink lots of water to counter salt intake

Greasy -> Nuts, beans, lentils, healthy protein sources like hummus or nut butters, turkey bacon, avocado toast, cheese sticks,  

Starchy -> Oatmeal, whole grain cereal, rice cakes, red potatoes,

Aversion Substitutes:

Meats -> low fat yogurt, low-fat milk, low-fat cheeses, beans, nuts, or tofu, including soy (soy pasta, tofu, edamame), nuts and legumes, and certain grains (especially quinoa and couscous).

Hide the meats – Add ground beef to your casserole (extra lean will offer a milder flavor), minced chicken to your pasta dish or soup, egg to your pancakes.

Any protein -> try disguising the flavor with a very flavorful sauce – “hiding the food”, beans, quinoa

Leafy veggies -> fruits such as peaches, apricots and mangos, try carrots and yams in soups and muffins

Milk -> Try yogurts, cheeses. If not then try sneaking milk into sauces or smoothies. If lactose is the problem – try soy, almond or calcium juices, sesame seeds, and canned salmon mashed with the bones, broccoli and cooked dried beans will give you a healthy (and milk-free) calcium bonus.

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