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Clean eating works!! I wish so badly someone would have told me this after I had my son. I gained 60 lbs when I was pregnant and had a really hard time losing the weight. I always thought I was eating “healthy” but what I know now is that pre-packaged foods with a ton of ingredients and a lot of sugar won’t get you lean and toned – even if the label says, “healthy”.

I didn’t get lean by any crazy fad diet or expensive pill. I just focus on eating whole foods and keeping my grams of sugar under 35g or less per day. I eat every three hours so I never feel hungry. If you are looking for a great program to teach you the basics of clean eating check out Jamie Eason’s LiveFit trainer HERE – this program changed my entire approach to fitness and nutrition and I finally feel like I am able to get toned and lean. I especially like her approved foods list. I check that list all the time and the only foods I eat now are foods on that list.

Previously, I was doing a ton of cardio and not eating enough. Now, I only do cardio (HIIT training) 1-2 days a week for 20 minutes or so and I focus on weight training. However, the main changes came from my diet. Once I figured out how to eat clean, whole foods and make them taste really good so I could stick with it, my body changed drastically.

I decided to get a spray tan before we headed to the beach (I am so white I probably would have blinded everyone) and I wear so much 50spf sunscreen when I go out I probably won’t get much color while we are there anyways. I snapped this pic before I jumped in the spray tan booth πŸ™‚