Easy Cilantro Lime Chicken

Cilantro Lime Chicken with Avocado Salsa
Recipe adapted from Cooking Light Magazine’s 2009 Cilantro-Lime Chicken recipe


2 T fresh cilantro

2 ½ T lime juice (~1¼ limes)

1 tsp extra virgin olive oil

¼ t salt (optional)

4 chicken breasts


Combine all ingredients and marinate several hours.  BBQ until done.  I have also baked the chicken in the oven at 375 degrees for 40 minutes in a casserole dish covered with foil.  I think it tastes better when grilled, but still taste great if baked instead.



1 c chopped tomato (~1 – 1½ lg tomato)

2-6 T chopped red onion (depending on how much you like the taste of onion in your salsa)

2 t. lime juice (3/4 of a lime)

1/8 t pepper

1 avocado, chopped and peeled


Scoop onto chicken before serving.  Many times I will make the salsa in bulk and keep it in a large bowl in my fridge to use throughout the week.  I have found that if I keep the avocado pit in the bowl with the salsa it helps to keep the avocado from turning brown.  I’ve even used this salsa on my egg whites in the morning and it tastes great too!

**NOTE** This is a recipe that my aunt and I have been making together since August 2011.  However, it was recently brought to my attention that the recipe I posted above has ingredients which are nearly identical to a recipe published by Cooking Light magazine in 2009.  In no way did I intend to use their recipe and try to make it my own.  I have always given original authors credit for their recipes (see my Zucchini Tot post, my base protein bar recipe, or numerous references I have given to Little B‘s website or Fit Foodies. Healthy Life).  In this case, I genuinely thought this was a recipe that my aunt and I had shared together.   I have changed this post to include “recipe adapted from Cooking Light Magazine’s 2009 Cilantro-Lime Chicken recipe” at the top of the page.