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Goals (video)

  In this Members Only video, Natalie shares with you some of her own big goals, why goal setting helped improve her self confidence, and ideas you can start today with your own goal setting.   ————————

Motivation (video)

  In this video Natalie talks about times that she has lost motivation, and what you can do to get re-motivated. ————————

Meal Prep for A Strong Start (video)

  In this Members Only video, I show you some easy ways you can prepare food before starting A Start Start to help you stay on track with the nutrition part of the program.   ———————

Eggs and Bacon Option 2

Eggs and Bacon Breakfast! (video)

    My favorite breakfast and what I eat probably 90% of the time because I just never get tired of it. -1 whole egg -1 egg white -2 slices turkey bacon -1/3 avocado -1 cup berries   ———————– Crazy Veggie Bloat!

Veggie Bloat Video!

My husband told me I shouldn’t post this video and that if I did post it I would probably lose all my fans because this is so weird and in his words, “creepy”. But, I figured if this is something I have a problem with, surely there has to be other people who deal with this too (even if it’s not really a very flattering video). In my video, I…Read More