How to Trellis Squash (step-by-step instructions)


  Step by Step Instructions on how to trellis squash. Items I purchased at home depot: -(2) 10' PVC pipes 1/2 inch thick ($2 each) - at home depot they will cut PVC for you, have them cut one pipe into two 5' pieces and cut the other into an 8' and 2' piece (you won't use the 2' piece) -2 1/2 inch 90 degree street elbow connectors (75 cents each) -Plumbing tape aka teflon tape (75 cents for a ...[Read More]

Pruning Your Tomato Plants to Get More Tomatoes


It has been forever since I've posted a gardening video!  Here is a video I made showing how I prune my tomato plants (I have 40 plants this year!) and why single stem tomatoes seem to work better for me.  I also give you a little tour of my garden and show you the exact organic fertilizer I use.  Hope you like it! Here is the link where you can learn more about MicroLife Fertilizers: http://www.m ...[Read More]

35 Calorie Sweet Cabbage and Apple Salad

Sweet Cabbage & Apple Saladsmall

Members Only Post! I hope you will love this delicious sweet cabbage and apple salad as much as I have lately.  I have been eating this often because it is low in calories but high in volume, meaning it has a lot of fiber and makes me fill full without putting me into a calorie surplus.  If I am trying to lose weight, or create a calorie deficit, it is really important to me that I find a lot of h ...[Read More]

What Does Tomato Blight Look Like?

Tomato Blight

  Looking at some problems with diseases in the garden and what to do when you see them. Also, harvesting a bunch of sweet red peppers and looking at the radishes and butternut squash that are starting to come up. October 12, 2014 and it's still in the 90's here in SE Texas.  Crazy! ---------------------------

Garlic – The Best Natural Antibiotic Ever


  For this blog post, I actually reached out to my husband's grandma to see if I could glean some information off of her.  We grew up using garlic as a natural antibiotic, but I wanted to be able to provide you guys with some more detailed information on why it works and what garlic works best for (other than for cooking).  Below is some of the information she shared with me over the phone an ...[Read More]

Planting Celery and Pulling Weak Transplants

Growing Celery

  In this video, I pull out some of the transplants that are too weak to survive and replace them with celery transplants. Celery is hard to grow in Houston because celery prefers 4.5 months at 60-70 degrees.  Nevertheless, ordinary celery planted in mid-November will usually produce a large crop of fair celery in spring, but all at the same time.  Without protection, they will be killed by f ...[Read More]

Thinning Green Bean Plants (Bush Beans)


    Beans are one of the easiest crops you can grow and taste so delicious.  In this video, I show you how to thin out your bean plants.  My bean seed packet recommended planting beans every two inches and then thinning to four inches once they started to come up.  I waited a little late to thin mine, but in this video show you how easy it is to thin them, and how to provide support to y ...[Read More]

How to Compost Using Kitchen Scraps


  I will show you an easy way to turn kitchen scraps into black gold for your garden. Composting provides a way to reduce the amount of waste in landfills and also converts into a useful fertilizer for gardening. Here is another really helpful resource for composting in this area (click on the composting link): -------------- ...[Read More]

Planting our Fall 2014 Vegetable Garden

Planting a Fall Vegetable Garding

    I have gotten a lot of requests to start a gardening YouTube channel, and so yesterday I went ahead and started one! I will do weekly or bi-weekly videos showing how you can grow healthy and high quality produce very inexpensively in your own backyard. I hope you will subscribe to my new channel! In this video I show you how I planted all our winter crops.  We planted: Bush beans, ca ...[Read More]