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Blogging Challenge

30 Day Blogging Challenge!!

I am the queen of starting blog posts and never actually finishing them.  I was cleaning some things up on my website this week and realized that I have a ton of blog posts that I’ve started and never finished!  The crazy part is that they are almost completely done, I just had a few final touches left, and then it kept getting pushed further and further down my to-do…Read More

11 Weeks Pregnant

I Have a Confession to Make…

I have a confession to make…. I hardly worked out at all during my first trimester of this pregnancy. There, I’ve said it, it’s off my chest. Now that that’s cleared up, let’s talk about how great the second trimester has been!! I’ll take a step back.  I found out I was pregnant when we were in Idaho for our annual salmon fishing trip. After I got back from my…Read More - this mom gives real life advice about balancing healthy eating with real life

Stretch Marks – It Happens

I probably sat here for about 30 minutes before I got the guts to click “post” for this picture, but when I started this page I promised myself I would stay as authentic as possible in all my posts, and I wanted to share with you something that came up in a conversation with some friends tonight – stretch marks. The reality is, that most women have stretch marks somewhere…Read More - Natalie Hodson Website

The Big Stuff

I know this isn’t fitness or health related but when I read this last night it really resonated with me. My son is right at that age where he repeats every word you say about 50 times. i.e.: Me: Let’s get your shoes on. 2-year old son: Shoes on? Shoes on? Shoes on? Get shoes on? Get shoes on? Get shoes on? Get shoes on? Get shoes on? Get shoes…Read More