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Tips for Working From Home and Homeschooling

It was often a mess. Kids screaming in the other room, something being broken broken, and my smiling face on a Zoom call with people who can definitely hear the chaos in the background of my life. I sometimes had to work through the night while my kids slept because I just couldn’t juggle a full work week, teaching them, and being a mom. There just weren’t enough hours in…Read More

The Beauty of Moms Supporting Moms

The other day I posted on Facebook asking how everyone was planning on navigating this upcoming school year with their kiddos. I realize this is a hard topic for a lot of reasons. But whether or not to send my kids back to school has been something I’ve gone back and forth with for a ton of reasons. I realize I’m blessed that I even get to decide for myself…Read More

These are Hard Times for Our Kids

It was really hard to tell Phoenix that we had to cancel her 7th birthday party last month. I know that there are bigger things going on in the world, and a lot of sacrifices being made, but in my little world this was a hard one for us. I tried to make the day special anyway, but birthdays are such a big deal for our little ones, and it…Read More

Dear Moms: It’s Okay

Isn’t it funny how every time we are frustrated with our kids we feel like we have to say, “I love my kids so much, but…” before we say anything bad? As moms, or parents in general, we feel this deep shame for ever being mad, frustrated, or upset with our children. Maybe we don’t want to be judged, or we think we are the odd ones out for not…Read More

My 10 Years of Motherhood

I remember when they put my very first 10 pound, 22 inch baby on my chest after 36 hours of labor. My little (not so little?) boy was amazing, and I felt so connected to my body and my son despite being so exhausted. Despite delivering 12 days past my due date, having no pain management, and almost two hours of active pushing, I have really positive memories of my…Read More