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If Mother’s Day Was Hard on You…

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and I got my dad a gift. It was a photo with the family. I had a great time with my kids, my dad, and my siblings, but it’s a day that didn’t involve my own mom, and hasn’t for a while. I know I’m not the only one who might have a hard time on Mother’s Day sometimes, so I think it’s important to remember…Read More

Practicing Self-Care This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is usually a day where you get pampered by your children or your spouse. Phoenix and Lincoln usually bring me the crafts they created at school, but this holiday takes on a whole new meaning for me as a single mom. For this reason, I’ve discovered that it’s important to practice self-care on Mother’s Day. Getting gifts and extra loves is great, but it’s also a great reminder…Read More

The Reality of Motherhood: Sometimes it Sucks

The other day, I screamed at my kids. I told them I was going to take the TV and throw it over the fence and into the road so we wouldn’t have a TV anymore. I yelled at them and told them I wasn’t their maid, and they had responsibilities too. As a family, all of us melted down. It was just one example of one moment in one day…Read More

They Are Only This Little Today

When my son, Lincoln, was a baby, he was such a sensitive soul. I remember when he was a baby, our cat jumped on the counter and I yelled, “hey!” so the cat would jump down, and my boy cried like I’ve never seen him cry before. My daughter, Phoenix, almost never cried until she was about 6-months-old, and I thought something was wrong with her. However, she’s always been…Read More

Puppy Chow, by Natalie Hodson

Want to know the fastest way to make new friends at a party? Walk in with a bowl of this stuff! There are zero parts of this Puppy Chow that are healthy, but it is so good and is always a huge hit when I show up with it at football games or dinner at a friend’s house. The kids and I made it tonight and it’s easy peasy. Microwave…Read More