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Teaching Kids About Consent, Assault, and Bullying

Some of you may have seen that my little girl, Phoenix, recently had an issue with consent, assault, and bullying at her school. I don’t want to get into too many details of the actual situation, but I think what happened warrants a discussion and a conversation among all parents and how these situations are handled. It honestly shook me to my core, left me feeling helpless, and made me…Read More

Starting a No Grocery Store Challenge!

Earlier this month I was going through my pantry and I couldn’t believe how many things I had on my shelves, and how many of those things had been there for as long as I could remember! I went to my freezer and I encountered the same thing. My freezer was overflowing with bulk foods, hunted meat, and extra food. I thought to myself, “I bet we could eat for…Read More

The Unglamorous Side of Divorce

Every now and again, I get questions from my friends and followers about divorce. I know it’s a hard topic, but it’s common, so I think we should feel okay talking about it so we don’t feel so alone in dealing with it. I think I give advice some don’t expect, and I wish that I would’ve had a friend or an older sister give me the same advice when…Read More

How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex

I had an experience this week where I talk to my kids about sex. They had a lot of follow up questions, so I thought I’d write about my experience. I’d love to open up a conversation and get your guys’ thoughts, and then provide some resources on some of my favorite books about the topic. I want to preface this by saying I am definitely not an expert in…Read More

My First Backpacking Adventure with My Kids

In late June, I decided to take my kids on their first backpacking adventure with me! We hiked the Sawtooths, which is one of my favorite places ever, and then made a fire and had hot dogs and s’mores (smoreos!) before camping overnight at a camp spot. Though this wasn’t a normal backpacking trip, it was a good way to ease them into it. I also focused on the lessons…Read More