When Is Being Sick TOO Sick To Workout?

Finding Balance

It’s that time of year again where everyone is fighting germs and trying to stay healthy. One question I get often is, “Should I workout when I’m sick?” There is not a clear yes or no answer to this question, however, I have pulled together some resources to help you decide if you can aim for a light workout, or if you need to rest. The best rule of thumb is to do what I like to call, the “neck ch ...[Read More]

Strength, Courage, and Confidence

Strength, Courage, and Confidence

What does it mean to be a healthy, strong, confident, and courageous woman? How do we cultivate the habits and behaviors of lifelong health and strength? We want to be healthy, to be fit, to feel strong, to avoid preventable diseases, and to enjoy each day. Having confidence in our ability to set and reach attainable goals is a crucial marker of success. Self-efficacy is the confidence that we hav ...[Read More]

Charming Charlie Summer Favorites!

CC Square

Earlier this summer I put up a few posts on social media about how much I love the store Charming Charlie and shortly afterwards their social media team reached out to me to ask if I would like to be an ambassador for them where they send me some of their newest lines each month for me to try out. I only had to think about that for about two seconds before I agreed, ha!  Their clothes are super af ...[Read More]

Amazing Earth Day Giveaway!!

earthdayBikeGiveawaySquare (1)

  I am doing another amazing giveaway this week!  MRM is giving away a custom MRM Beach Cruiser!  Instead of sharing a workout this Wednesday, I am instead sharing a giveaway that you can do a workout with if you win! Entering is super easy, all you need to do is go to: http://mrm-usa.com/earthday.  You get an entry by putting in your email address and then additional entries if you follow MR ...[Read More]

How to Get Perfect Curls (Members Exclusive Post)

Hair Perfect Curls

I get asked all the time how I curl my hair, and I will be the first to say that I am not a hair expert or a beauty expert.  However, I have paid to have makeup lessons and hair lessons so that I can do my hair and makeup for expos and photoshoots and have learned some good tips along the way.  Here is a video I made showing you guys the best way to get curls that hold all day long! Hope you liked ...[Read More]

Massive Giveaway!!! (Win a free Kitchenaid, training programs, and much more)

True Lemon Giveaway

Eeek!!  I am so excited I can finally announce this to you guys!  I am doing a massive giveaway with True Lemon, Hip2Save, and Favorite Family Recipes.  The Grand Prize winner's prize is valued at over $600!!  There are also a ton of other runner-up prizes we are giving too.  If you've followed my blog for a while you know that I love True Lemon products - it's one of the ways I am able to drink e ...[Read More]

The BEST Way to Hard Boil an Egg

Hard Boil an Egg

  The BEST way to hard boil an egg! We boil 18-24 eggs each week, and have tried every possible version out there on how to hard boil eggs. This way, hands down, is the best. The shell never sticks to the egg when you do it this way! Share with a friend who you think might like this tip. PS - Members of my site get a new healthy recipe each Monday.  This week, I shared my absolute favorite He ...[Read More]

I Know What It’s Like…


I gained 60-70lbs with both of my pregnancies and delivered two healthy, 10lb babies. I was so happy in so many ways. I had a beautiful, healthy new baby. I was finally able to be a mom like I had dreamed of for so many years. I had a wonderful husband who was supportive of me. I had so many things to be grateful for. But, I remember at times looking in the mirror and feeling confused....feeling l ...[Read More]

Candy-Free Easter Idea!


      Last night we did a really fun Easter egg hunt with our neighbors that was cheap and only took a few minutes to throw together. We bought a pack of 40 glow bracelets for $5 in the party supply section at Walmart and filled the big plastic eggs with them (make sure you get the bigger eggs - the bracelets won't fit in the small eggs). It was a great no-candy alternative and the ...[Read More]

Easter Sale!

Easter Sale

  The past two weeks I have been following the same meal plan and guidelines that are in my 10-day program and I am really loving the results I am seeing! Now through Sunday night you can get all my training programs and cookbook 25% off!! Just use the code "EASTER" at checkout. Click here more information on each of the programs/books: http://nataliehodson.com/ebook-store/ I can't wait for y ...[Read More]