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7 Tips for Budgeting, Spending Less, & Paying off Debt

I’ll never forget what it felt like when my ex-husband sat next to me and told me that he thought I needed to go back to work so that we could pay our bills. I was holding my brand new 2-month-old baby and I wasn’t ready to leave him in daycare yet. So, I was doing everything I could to make money. I mowed lawns, babysat, and picked up any…Read More

My Grandma’s Caramel Recipe

This is a recipe my Grandma Hatch passed on to me when I got married, she gave me a handmade cookbook with all her favorite recipes and it is one of my most treasured items in my kitchen. These are my all time favorite candy this time of year, and they are sinfully delicious (and unhealthy, don’t say I didn’t warn you- but if you can’t during the holidays when…Read More

Is It Too Late To Treat My Diastasis Recti?

Hi, it’s Natalie here. I am here with my good friend, and co- author of our book Abs, Core and Pelvic Floor, and we are answering some of our most asked questions.   Without going too much into my story, just so you guys know, after I had my babies, I had two ten pound babies. You guys have seen the pictures, I’m way out there. And after I had…Read More

I Wrote My Training Programs Because…

I gained 60-70lbs with both of my pregnancies and delivered two healthy, 10lb babies. I was so happy in so many ways. I had a beautiful, healthy new baby. I was finally able to be a mom like I had dreamed of for so many years. I had a wonderful husband who was supportive of me. I had so many things to be grateful for. But, I remember at times…Read More

Modern Mom Lifestyle

Why I created Modern Mom Lifestyle I decided to create this program and call it Modern Mom Lifestyle for a couple of reasons. I’ve been in the fitness industry for years, and to be honest, I don’t love the fitness industry per se. There’s a lot of vanity and a lot of ego and I always felt like I was just trying to stay healthy and show how to keep a balanced lifestyle while managing kids and…Read More