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Recognizing and Coping with Burnout

I was recently in New York and it was absolutely amazing! I was there for a work event, but we also got to take time and experience the city. We bought tickets to see a play called The Book of Mormon. I spent a lot of money to see it, and was so excited to laugh! But, I fell asleep. I have no idea how it was, and I’m pretty…Read More

Ask Me Anything

So I did an AMA style story on Instagram a while ago, and I decided to go in and answer some of these question in a more thorough way. People shared their questions on Instagram, and I wrote down a few of them to answer here! Sometimes it’s a little easier to answer them this way instead of limiting myself to Instagram where I only have 15 seconds or so.…Read More

Why I Love Idaho

Idaho has been my home for years. Though I’ve lived in many other places, it’s hard for me to imagine ever leaving this beautiful state and all that it has to offer. It provides me with a feeling of comfort and a feeling of adventure, all rolled into one. When I decided that I wanted to do a wilderness retreat, I knew I’d plan it within the mountains of Idaho.…Read More

7 Tips for Budgeting, Spending Less, & Paying off Debt

I’ll never forget what it felt like when my ex-husband sat next to me and told me that he thought I needed to go back to work so that we could pay our bills. I was holding my brand new 2-month-old baby and I wasn’t ready to leave him in daycare yet. So, I was doing everything I could to make money. I mowed lawns, babysat, and picked up any…Read More

My Grandma’s Caramel Recipe

This is a recipe my Grandma Hatch passed on to me when I got married, she gave me a handmade cookbook with all her favorite recipes and it is one of my most treasured items in my kitchen. These are my all time favorite candy this time of year, and they are sinfully delicious (and unhealthy, don’t say I didn’t warn you- but if you can’t during the holidays when…Read More