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Finding Balance2

Finding Balance, Nutrition Overview

I wish I would have understood the importance of proper nutrition when I was younger.  It took me over ten years to really figure this out!  It would have saved me a lot of time and effort when I was younger if I would have realized that the biggest changes in body fat come less from your workouts and more from the food you are eating.  Your nutrition is going…Read More

Grocery Shopping

Finding Balance: Nutrition (Grocery Shopping)

Grocery Shopping Tips Here is a general guideline for the types of foods you will be purchasing at the grocery store. You want to aim for foods that are usually on the perimeter of the grocery store and that are as close to their natural source as possible. When you look at the ingredient list, I typically try to stick with foods that have 5 or less ingredients (that is…Read More


The Best (and easiest) Way to Cook Rice without a Rice Cooker

This is the way we cook our brown rice and it is so good this way! Ingredients: -4 cups beef or chicken broth (32oz) -1 cup brown rice -1 cup quinoa (or if you don’t have quinoa you can just do another cup of brown rice) Instructions: In a medium pan mix together broth, rice, and quinoa.  Turn on your burner and bring liquid to a boil.  Once boiling, stir and…Read More

Flounder Brown Rice

Baked Flounder with Brown Rice

    This is a meal that we make all the time.  I can throw it together faster than I could cook a frozen pizza and it’s just a really easy, simple meal. I keep the large bags of wild caught flounder in our freezer (we find them at Sam’s Club) so that I can make this quick dinner in a pinch if I don’t have anything else prepared.  The flavor…Read More

Portion Sizes

Q&A: How Do I Gauge Portion Sizes (Especially When Eating Out)?

Members Only Video! Today’s Question is from Kylie S. and she asked, “Hey Natalie!  Thank you so much for answering these questions in your vlogs it is really helpful.  My question is about portion sizes.  I struggle with knowing how big or small of portions I should be having on things like carbs, fats, and protein.  I get really confused when I am trying to go out to eat too. …Read More