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Seed Starting 101

I love watching my little sprouts grow from seeds to full on plants through seed starting. It’s a more advanced gardening practice, but it’s one that can be highly beneficial to anyone looking to get more from their garden. I’ve shared a bunch of prepping hacks lately (including bread making sourdough starting, making your own hand sanitizer, etc.), and now I want to share a little bit about seed starting…Read More

Why Gardening is Good for My Mental Health

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know my obsession with my garden. It’s July, and it’s really picking up! I have tomatoes, okra, broccoli, zucchini, radishes, and so many more fruits and veggies flourishing! I walk into my garden every day, and it leaves me feeling at peace and happy every single time. It’s a lot of work, but with each little sprout I feel accomplished. This sense…Read More

Secret Prepper

Did you know that I joke (but I’m not really joking) that I’m a secret prepper? Yeah, like a doomsday prepper, it’s true! In this blog post I’ll talk about why I love this topic, how I grew up around this culture, and some of the benefits of living this lifestyle. If you are interested in how you can get started, I have some tips there, too. By the end…Read More

Growing Celery

Planting Celery and Pulling Weak Transplants

  In this video, I pull out some of the transplants that are too weak to survive and replace them with celery transplants. Celery is hard to grow in Houston because celery prefers 4.5 months at 60-70 degrees.  Nevertheless, ordinary celery planted in mid-November will usually produce a large crop of fair celery in spring, but all at the same time.  Without protection, they will be killed by freezes below…Read More


Thinning Green Bean Plants (Bush Beans)

    Beans are one of the easiest crops you can grow and taste so delicious.  In this video, I show you how to thin out your bean plants.  My bean seed packet recommended planting beans every two inches and then thinning to four inches once they started to come up.  I waited a little late to thin mine, but in this video show you how easy it is to…Read More