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Obsessively Geek Out

Every single time that I want to get better at something or I was struggling with something, there’s one pattern that I repeat over and over and over, and that is, finding the person who is the most successful in that area, and I obsessively geek out on their content. On what they’re doing. I try to learn from them. I try to model them. I obsessively focus on the…Read More

Peak Business Academy

I have had so many people asking how to build a following, and how to make money while being a stay at home mom. I have found that over the years, I don’t have a passion for fitness. I don’t have a passion for protein powders and crockpot cooking. What I DO have a passion for, is showing women positive relationships. Positive relationships with girlfriends, positive relationships with their children,…Read More

What If I Lost Everything…

“What if I lost everything and had to start over again in my business? What would I do?” It’s something everyone should ask themselves, at least one time in their life… Have you ever thought about this? What if you went through a divorce or lost your job, or everything in your life started to crash and burn…..what do you do to provide for yourself and make an income? My…Read More