Having the Confidence to Recognize Your Worth… Both in Business and in Life

Something happened recently that triggered me a bit and made me feel defensive. In a Q&A session, a person asked me to prove my success, and thought I shouldn’t be charging as much for one of my business courses. They said if they were in my position, they would give it away for free — or close to free — to help others. The giver inside me froze a bit. I would truly love to help people for free. My answer came out more defensive than I would have liked, but recognizing our worth is an issue that many of us have whether you own a business or not.  

Feeling like an imposter, and feeling like you can’t charge for your work is something that runs deep in many people in business no matter how successful they are. But this feeling of lacking worth is something I’ve experienced in my personal life as well. It’s about understanding where it comes from, and working to have the confidence to push those feelings aside.

Recognizing Where Your Feelings Come From

Listen, I’m used to people saying negative things to me, or questioning my authenticity, or my motives. The online world can be a harsh one! However, this comment caught me off guard. I could tell that this person had hit a button. Or, to be honest, a few of them. I work so hard for my success, and I felt like this person was taking that away from me by questioning it. I didn’t want their comment to make anyone else watching think I was lying. I have a heart to serve, and I didn’t come from a life privileged with a ton of money, so I truly feel for those in hard financial situations. I felt like this person thought I was greedy. 

I realize now that their comments have a lot more to do with their own buttons than it had to do with me, but it did help me to recognize my own defensive feelings. And my own issues with being willing to recognize my worth. I put so much into my products in order to help people, and I often have an issue with over-delivering in them and giving away a ton of extra information. I know they work, I have so many testimonials about changing the lives of others, but this one comment stung. 

When something happens that makes you question your worth, it’s helpful to recognize where those feelings are coming from.

Building Confidence

If there was a magic button to give people confidence that would be great! However, confidence tends to be really hard to find for a lot of us. My hard work and results in my business have given me the confidence it takes to recognize my worth and charge accordingly. Recognizing my worth as a person was built through loving myself. I began appreciating my weird quirks and dorky tendencies. Being a mom really built my sense of worth and confidence as my kids showed me love and grew into amazing people. I surrounded myself with people who understood me and wanted me to succeed. 

Sometimes building confidence is about faking it until you get to that place. 

Pretend like you don’t feel uncomfortable about charging for your product until you really don’t. Even if you don’t feel like you are worthy of happiness and love in your life, pretend like you do until you really feel it. In the meantime, do some soul work to help you get there! Write down some positive affirmations each day, talk to the people who love you, or seek out a therapist! (Therapy was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my feelings of self-worth!)

Understanding Pricing in Business

The saying, “Those who pay, pay attention,” is such a true statement. This is one of the things I tell myself when I start to lack confidence in charging what my product is worth. I don’t know about you, but there have been SO many times I’ve gotten something for free and then never used it. Templates, programs, books, etc. have all sat unused. But when I pay for something, I make sure I get use out of it. It’s about understanding the value of investing in yourself! I’ve done that. I spent tens of thousands of dollars investing in myself to learn what I know now so that I could create my business and my courses. 

Remember that your product deserves a fair price tag, no matter how others feel about it. 

Think of all the things you’ve purchased without questioning, and give yourself that same understanding. You know how many classes, books, and courses it took to learn. You know how much time you took from your family to work hard on your product. For those with an online business selling digital products, it can feel weird to charge for something that isn’t tangible. But your time and effort is just as valuable as those who have a storefront and a physical product. 

At the end of the day, you are worth everything you dream of. You deserve to be paid for your time and effort. You deserve the love and appreciation of the people around you. If something in your life is making you question your worth, whether in business or in life, try to work through that. Dig deep to see where that feeling is coming from. Work on feeling confident about your worth, even if you are just faking it for now. Understand the reasons for pricing products, and allow yourself the same understanding that you provide to other businesses.

I still have times where old feelings come up and I question my worth!

We are all just people, and it’s okay to lack confidence and question ourselves. 

Have you ever had a moment where you questioned your worth? How do you work though that?

xo Natalie  

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