15241901_1148942151850171_2540624884087073489_nI was around 220lbs on the photo on the left. The photo on the right is me currently with my two kids. A lot of people always want to know my ‘secret’ but the truth is I didn’t do it with any fancy diets or pills. I didn’t cut calories or carbs to an extreme level. I never ran a ridiculous amount of miles. I ate whole, nutritious foods, lifted heavy weights, and did a little bit of high intensity cardio. There were a lot of healthy meals, a lot of early morning short workouts while the kids slept, and a lot of small goals I kept writing for myself until I finally achieved my bigger goals. During this whole time I took on new jobs, we moved cross country (twice), I experienced a devastating ectopic pregnancy, and more. It was really hard sometimes, but I achieved those goals, and it built a level of confidence in me I wasn’t even sure was there. The confidence I built had very little to do with how I looked or weighed, but so much more about being able to prove to myself that I could say I was going to do something….and then actually do it.

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