Best way to lose fatLast week I told you I would pick one of your guys’ questions from Facebook and answer it in a vlog. Here you go!

Samantha J. asks, “I want to know the true best way to shed fat! Is it low carbs, no fat, no dairy, no meat?! All the different diets are overwhelming.”

In this short video, I tell you my top two tips for losing weight and keeping it off long term.

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Here is the formula I like to follow for determining the proper amount of calorie intake. According to the American Dietetic Association, the Mifflin-St. Jeor equation has been found to be the most reliable in predicting actual resting energy expenditure within 10 percent. The Mifflin-St. Jeor equation was developed in 1990 and has been validated by more than 10 studies. The Mifflin-St. Jeor equation is gaining popularity among the nutrition professionals for accurately estimating caloric needs. The equation is as follows: for females = 10 x (Weight in kg) + 6.25 x (Height in cm) – 5 x age – 161; for males= 10 x (Weight in kg) + 6.25 x (Height in cm) – 5 x age + 5. These equations are also multiplied by the same physical activity factors to estimate daily caloric needs.

If reading that made your head spin (like it did mine!) click this link for a simple calculator that will help you figure out the number of calories required per day for both maintenance and weight loss.